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Relationships between learning disabilities and the impact of behavioral disorders on standard experiences - Dissertation Example

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INTRODUCTION A society that purports equality and thus concern for all of its citizens regardless of race, social class, or the presence of disabilities assumes an obligation of equality. While equality in outcomes may never be truly possible, all citizens of an egalitarian society deserve the opportunity to utilize what abilities they do possess to the best of their potential…
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Relationships between learning disabilities and the impact of behavioral disorders on standard experiences
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Extract of sample "Relationships between learning disabilities and the impact of behavioral disorders on standard experiences"

Download file to see previous pages Is it possible to make an economic case for the value of government intervention in this regard? There is considerable evidence that a lesser investment will reliably produce lesser results in terms of education. (Inman, 1986). The time to start educational assistance for those with special needs is in their youth. A variety of studies indicate a principle of diminishing returns for efforts made to educate any useful job skills fully formed adults both academically and for a specific vocation. (Furstenberg, 1987) those with physical disabilities may still prove to be intellectually quite proficient. They may even rely more upon intellect than physical activity, and may be able to develop their intellectual acumen even further than the general population. If given special needs support in early childhood. Even those with mental disabilities may still grow into productive citizens if the nonfunctional can be taught to function by trained, competent specialists committed to the outcome of special education. DISCUSSION In terms of educational policy; a vital research question becomes: Should Learning Disabled and Behavioral challenged students be excluded from classes with baseline students? The challenges for these children are numerous, there are many reasons why children experiencing learning disabilities might fail in school, far beyond merely the obvious. When a child perceives him or herself as being mentally deficient/learning disabled the potential for great insecurity develops. School in general may seem painful, an embarrassing waste of time and venue for potential bullying and the degradation of the students self-worth. It is a daunting obstacle; how to focus on learning, if you were such a student – labeled and ridiculed for what it seems you have no control over. Often times, measures used in the past to give these students focused attention; placing them in segregated units, or separate institutions all together unintentionally exacerbated the problem. It makes sense to give extra attention to the learning disabled; and one might logically conclude that this attention should take place within a place all their own. But this natural exclusionary tendency towards those with behavioral, or intellectual disabilities can become a disservice, as will be demonstrated later. The findings of several researchers demonstrate how behavioral problems will disrupt the already unfavorable prospects of the learning disabled. It is worthwhile to specify the definitions of learning disabilities. Although a precision diagnosis and prognosis may not be consistent, there are warning signs that signify disability: Difficulty in learning the alphabet Poor reading comprehension Frequent mistakes when reading aloud Spelling difficulty Inability to express thoughts by writing Late language acquisition Lack of comprehension of humor, or satire Mispronunciation Confusion with written numbers Confusion with the sequence of a story (, 2011) In essence, the typical tasks that are begun upon entrance to the public school system are those the learning disabled are most challenged by. A true disability must be diagnosed with care; in past generations, so-called intelligence tests might simply measure cultural references, biasing them against other ethnicities and cultures. (Dove, 1971) An ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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