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Special Needs Inclusion Education Program - Essay Example

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This paper talks that education programs for children with special needs in school are on the rise, as policy makers aim to provide education to all children including students with disabilities or special needs through an inclusion method. …
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Special Needs Inclusion Education Program
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Download file to see previous pages This idea of inclusion is more viable than the use of seclusion or putting the children with disabilities in self-contained classrooms. A self-contained classroom setting proposes that children with disabilities are separated from the rest; according to Banduras social learning theory will not help the child develop cognitively and behaviourally. A self-contained classroom setting that groups children with disabilities from the rest makes them feel as social outcasts. This will have a negative cognitive development to the child, and he/she shall develop little or no social skill to interact and learn with the rest of the population (Turnbull, 2010). The other theory that supports the use of inclusion in the classroom setting is observational learning theory. As the name of the theory suggests, the child learns in the classroom mainly through observation methods. Since the children are included in the classroom setting with the rest of the children with no disabilities, they can observe them and learn. From this observation, they develop behaviour and learn from experience. As the theory suggests, most of the children with disabilities feel the need to adapt to their environment and function well. Through inclusion in the classroom, they see and hear what their peers are doing, and try to emulate it, and this is important as they develop communication and social skills fast enough to interact, and learn in the classroom setting (Weir, 1999). The use of self-contained classrooms in educating children with disabilities would also hinder the observational development of a child. Since the children are set up on their own, they lack the opportunity to...
This essay stresses that inclusion provides children with special needs the opportunity to both interact and learn with the mainstream population who do not have disabilities. Inclusion is a trend, which made major progression in the late 80s and early 90s, which concluded that that general education is the best choice for all students. The role of inclusion for children with disabilities is rationalized by use of several learning theories. The use of self-contained classrooms in educating children with disabilities would also hinder the observational development of a child. Since the children are set up on their own, they lack the opportunity to observe what their peers are doing and undergoing. This shall mean that they depend upon their own mind, teacher and fellow children with disabilities to develop social skill and learn. The inclusion method presents several advantages to both the child and the educator, when it is effectively applied taking all the students requirements in a learning environment.
This report makes a conclusion that through the inclusion method, several children with disabilities have developed the need skills to be successful members of society. Some children with disabilities have developed strong mental and behaviour capabilities to get higher academic grades as compared to their friends. The inclusion methods creates a feeling of oneness and togetherness to the children with disabilities, and through the learning theories outlined in the paper, make them productive members of society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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