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479), a society that is socially inclusive is one that individuals feel appreciated, their differences are valued, and their needs are achieved. Therefore, they have self-esteem. Social segregation is a state of being oppressed socially,…
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Download file to see previous pages The main intention of social inclusion is to eradicate favoritism and support social unity meant to boost peaceful coexistence within a community. One main area of social inclusion is to develop a framework that focuses on improving educational attainment among all children within the community regardless of their individual difference and families (Frederick and Cline, 2009, p.34).
Yee and Dumbrill (2003, p. 23) noted that, by teachers removing barriers to educational engagement and educational achievement, children would be able to take part in educational activities, and succeed in all aspects of education within the school community. Social inclusion within the school setting in closely linked to school leadership style that develops a justice system within the school context (Keith and Maloney, 2005, p.98). School social inclusion can be seen as an attempt to integrate all aspect of the schools through various social groups established by the school administration. It may be described as how different individuals within the school context are recognized and treated with respect irrespective their backgrounds (Power and Wilson, 2000, p.66).
Social inclusion in education is a course of action that aims at removing barriers to acquiring educational needs, and develops their aptitudes. These aptitudes could be theoretic, realistic, social in nature, and cultural (Power and Wilson, 2000, p.66). Social inclusion in education presents a well-planned education system that caters for different individuals in different backgrounds. These expanded requirements should be prepared and directed locally (Power and Wilson, 2000, p.66).
A study conducted by Power and Wilson (2000, p. 89) indicated that implementing the concept of social inclusion within a school can be channeling in two aspects. These are economic aspect and the cultural aspect. Looking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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