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Inclusion - Special Educational Needs - Essay Example

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Special educational needs (SEN) is an area of education that is not only self explanatory so far as its name is concerned, but also has a legal definition and recognition in the UK. As per the 1996 Education Act of UK, a child is considered to have special educational needs
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Inclusion - Special Educational Needs
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Download file to see previous pages and b., in the absence of the special educational provisions (Sec. 312 Education Act 1996) (Blackpool Council, 2009)
educational provisions that are in addition to or happen to be inherently different from the educational provisions extended to the other students of the same age group in the academic institutions run by the Local Authorities (Blackpool Council, 2009).
There are many children who face learning disabilities of one kind or other during their school years. Children having special educational needs may require extra help while dealing with a range of areas in their schools that include:
Generally speaking, making provisions for the children with special educational needs in the secondary education is a very humane approach towards education and is in consonance with the contemporary Western ideals pertaining to education. Every child deserves a chance to make the best of his/her abilities and the inherent disabilities in no way should hamper a child from pursuing proper education and academic aspirations. However, the concept of SEN took a relatively long time to become an integral part of the British education system.
The Education Act of 1944 strived to define special educational needs in terms of concrete and discernable medical disabilities. The Warnock Report of 1978 that preceded the 1981 Education Act revolutionized the concept of special educational needs, that became much more inclusive in its approach and aspired to define the learning disabilities in terms of the "common educational goals for all children" (House of Commons Educational and Skills Committee, 2005: 11). The ensuing legislations stressed upon the need for not discriminating against the children with special educational needs. However, the 1981 Education Act failed to make ample financial provisions for statementing and teacher training. Through out the 90s despite the existence of Warnock Framework, there was a marked decline in the number of children in special schools and a steady rise in the number of children identified as having special educational needs (House of Commons Educational and Skills Committee, 2005: 13). The Labour government tried to align the state standing in consonance with the UN Statement on Special Needs Education 1994, in the form of 1997 Green Paper 'Excellence for All Children Meeting Special Educational Needs (House of Commons Education and Skills Committee, 2005: 11). Thus for the first time the state tried to make a genuine and sincere effort to incorporate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inclusion - Special Educational Needs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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