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Communication Journal - Essay Example

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Name Topic 1: Teacher-to-Teacher communication in any locale of your choice At Prof. Linley’s Residence It was a tiring day for Professor Linley but he was still adamant to finish the syllabus outline and planning for the upcoming session…
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Communication Journal
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Extract of sample "Communication Journal"

Download file to see previous pages Prof. Linley: I am concerned about their progress. It is not easy for these students to reach this level of education so conveniently. The curriculum is quite challenging. Prof. Macaulay: I believe it is going to take time. Let them explore the syllabus. The textbooks have been selected according to their standard. What we need are excellent teachers. And by that I mean, no compromise of quality. Prof. Linley: How come only a few parents have shown up for the admissions? Prof. Macaulay: I guess they are reluctant to show up at a totally new institute. Some people have really high expectations from us. We need to give their kids more than they expect from us. Prof. Linley turned to his table to get a bunch of papers he was working on. He brought them to Prof. Macaulay and continued to think aloud on the planning. Prof. Linley: Do you think high school students will be able to handle the research methods course that we are trying to introduce in the first session? Prof. Macaulay: Why not? Even if they don’t, let’s just hope that they will. Why worry before meeting them. Maybe you’ll get the brighter ones! Prof. Linley: Aren’t you scared? Prof. Macaulay: What’s the point? That won’t change the reality would it? This institute needs people who can take risks. I am ready to face the challenge. Prof. Linley: Do you mean to say that I am not the right person for the institute at the moment? Prof. Macaulay: I just mean that you should take it easy on yourself. Just give it a try. When we open next week we will face the problems together and try to come up with a better solution. Prof. Linley: I have also prepared a standard test for them to clear at the start of the session. I thought that this way we will know where each individual stands. The classroom strength is reasonable at the moment. We have approximately fifteen in each class which means a total of 200 in the first batch. Ten sections won’t be difficult to handle as long as we have good instructors. Prof. Macaulay: I have requested Prof. Samuel and Prof. Kingston to join our team as visiting faculty. They said they will let me know by the end of this week. If we have them join us, we can plan to arrange for remedial sessions for students who have learning disabilities. Prof. Linley: Hmmm… not a bad idea. One of my colleagues is a psychologist. I’ll ask her if she can give us advice on handling such cases. Both stand up to retire for bed. Professor Macaulay decided to leave for London from there next morning to have a meeting with another friend regarding the new setup. Topic 2: Exercising and Communication Paul and Simon at the Gym Paul was distressed to lose his job and was rigorously working out to forget what had happened between him and his boss. He could not believe he was fired. Simon was by his side hopelessly trying to comfort him. But it was no use. It seemed that he would have a nervous breakdown. Simon asked Paul if he wanted to go on vacation somewhere out of town. His suggestion was crushed by the sound of the weight lifting. Paul already had a suicidal temperament which only Simon knew how to resolve. But Simon often thought what Paul would do without him. He had been asking Paul to settle down and get married to Diana whom he loved. Paul was also very nervous about his relationships with girls. His breakup with a very dear friend five years ago was heart-wrenching for him. Paul wouldn’t utter a word to Simon about this incident until Simon choked it out of him. Simon was extremely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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