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Communication training is used to teach couples how to communicate more constructively (Brandell, 2011). One of the ways of using…
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Integrative Couple Therapy Questions
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"Integrative Couple Therapy Questions"

Download file to see previous pages The therapist should also be active during the training, showing couples how to communicate openly, clearly and directly (Jacobson & Follette, 1985). The therapist should be there to identify situations in which couples get stuck, and help them to identify alternative ways of interaction and communication. For example, the therapist may ask the couple to talk about how they can solve their problems, and then observe things like anger, intimidation, and other drawbacks in the communication, and then correct them.
The integrative couples therapy suggested by Jacobson and Christenson have some similarities and differences with the experiential therapy. The integrative couple’s therapy replaced the traditional models of behavioral couples’ therapy by adding a new concept of emotional acceptance (Cordova et al, 1998). The similarity between the two therapies is that they are both emotionally focused. The difference between the two therapies is that integrative couples therapy involves an interaction between the therapist and the couples through talking and discussions. On the other hand, experiential therapy involves activities and movements rather than talking (Hayes et al, 1999). The experiential therapy allows patients to search and address hidden issues such through guided imagery, props, and role playing (Hayes et al, 1999). However, integrative couple’s theory allows patients to talk about how they feel about their problems in order to accept them.
Cordova, J.V., Jacobson, N.S. and Christensen, A. (1998). Acceptance versus Change Interventions in Behavioral Couple Therapy: Impact on Couple’s In-session Communication. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 24(4), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integrative Couple Therapy Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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