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The Benefits of Training Hotel Employees - Research Paper Example

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In such a way, one can readily see the importance that training can portend for the individual and the group on both a personal and professional level. Speaking from…
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The Benefits of Training Hotel Employees
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of Training Hotel Employees"

Download file to see previous pages As a function of this, the need to train and change with the determinants that define the current model of business becomes clearly manifest. Moreover, for purposes of this brief analysis, the author will seek to integrate an understanding and appreciation for the means by which training within the realm of the hospitality industry is both necessary and intimately linked to the future performance of whatever organization or team integrates with a productive source of training. As a means of integrating an appreciation and understanding of the importance of training within the hospitality industry, this analysis will consider and discuss the means by which training can improve the key skills, conflict resolution capabilities, and client retention rates that an entity might seek to engage. Finally, a list of concerns that a given entity or organization should consider prior to engaging in training will also be enumerated and elaborated upon as a function of allowing the reader to see some of the common pitfalls that many within the field of business development fall prey to.
One of the primary factors that comes to the mind of the reader when they hear the term training or seek to explain the importance that such a construct can bring to a given entity or organization, one of the primary thoughts that is entertained has to do with the level to which training can seek to impart a new skill set within the shareholders of the organization/entity. This is very much true with the hospitality industry as well. For instance, whereas basic consumer relations, phone etiquette, and best practices can be instilled within the culture of the organization and passed down from employee to employee in something of a seemingly unbroken line, these are virtues and factors of the company’s culture that are somewhat immutable (Sobaih, 2011). On the topic of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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