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Importance of Professionalising HRM in Hotel Industry - Essay Example

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According to the paper hotel is a place where a customer pays money for entertainment, housing, food and other facilities alike a temporary residence. It is a place where tourists from different countries stay and in due course of time, become loyal customers if they are satisfied with the services. …
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Importance of Professionalising HRM in Hotel Industry
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Extract of sample "Importance of Professionalising HRM in Hotel Industry"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that each department requires personnel to operate and mange the different types of customers. Thus, there is a need for HRM in a hotel because every aspect in a hotel is concerned with handling people. A HRM professional can understand the needs and preferences of employees and can handle the employee related problems quite efficiently than others.
From the provided case, it can be observed that it is a challenge for Happy Hotels to recruit, develop and maintain workforce which is significant for the hotel because a good motivated workforce is the key for providing high quality services to the sensitive customers. The approaches undertaken by Happy Hotels are quite different than the other high cost hotel services. It provides customers with excellent services, comfortable rooms, and good meals with minimal budget than other high cost hotel such as Premium Inn or Holiday Inn. Thus, the job description in Happy Hotels needs range of skills and qualities. The employees must have knowledge to interact with various customers who can impact the HRM strategies such as recruitment and training of employees. HRM can broadly manage the employees in Happy Hotels and can aid the hotels to pursue their path towards achieving success. There are many reasons for professionalising HRM in the expansion of hotel group. Every hotel seeks to develop their services which can differentiate them from other competitors. Thus, a hotel will always endeavour to focus on providing customers any product or service which is new and innovative. The employees of the hotels will play one of the major roles in fulfilling this endeavour of the hotels. Thus, the employees need to learn behaviour such as readiness to tolerate uncertainty and changeability. They need to take risks. A highly skilled HR individual can help to achieve high level of autonomy in a hotel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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