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This essay describes hotel service industry business in light of the profits realized, the organization structure as well as the success for expansion and customer satisfaction. A hotel refers to a service industry that deals in a variety of foodstuffs, fixes them for customers…
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Hotel industry
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HOTEL Introduction A hotel refers to a service industry that deals in a variety of foodstuffs, fixes them for s and charges a fee for the foods given to their clients. Reputable hotels are very successful in both their businesses and expansion. Such hotels exists in the world over, the most renowned for particular foodstuffs include; McDonalds, chicken inn, Java house, and Starbucks just to name a few. This paper aims to critically analyze the hotel service industry business in light of the profits realized, the organization structure as well as the success for expansion and customer satisfaction.
My business of choice is a hotel industry. This is because food among other things is a basic need and not human can survive without it. The hotel as a service industry will always remain a relevant service industry because it has always dominated the market from time immemorial. The most challenging task in the hotel industry is the handling of competition which comes about with providing quality services as well as fixing prices that are desirable to the target customers(Turkel, 2009).
In my case, I intend to add value to my hotel service industry by picking my raw foodstuffs from distributors who are recommended by the public health organization in the United States. Moreover, my hotel service targets all customers, fixing desired prices on the foodstuffs while making quality and service to customers as the main aim as opposed to mincing money from the public. Moreover, the staff employed in my hotel should have adequate training in catering bearing in mind health and safety standards of the organization.
However, I do not intend to run the hotel for my entire life. I intend to make it pick and gain popularity within its location then sell it to a new management at a higher price when business hits peak. This, I intend to implement through ample customer relations, providing safe products as well as placing customer preference and quality as my main aim. Service to humanity is service for money.
Organization chart
Fig 1.1 Organization chart
The chart above shows the organization of my hotel service industry. Moreover audit ought to be done every end of the financial year to assess the employees as well as the milestones achieved by the organization. Any product that aims to be brought to the hotel must be taken through health and quality checks to ensure that safety and health standards are adhered to.
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Turkel, S. (2009). Great American hoteliers: Pioneers of the hotel industry. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse.
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