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Baby boomers in hotel industry - Research Paper Example

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The human resource management of the current hotel industries should be keen on issues pertaining baby boomers at the work place. Baby boomers are individuals who are currently day by day turning 60 years and above…
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Baby boomers in hotel industry
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Extract of sample "Baby boomers in hotel industry"

Baby boomers in hotel industry of the due: Problems with Baby Boomers in the Hotel Industry The human resource management of the current hotel industries should be keen on issues pertaining baby boomers at the work place. Baby boomers are individuals who are currently day by day turning 60 years and above (Billboard magazine, 2003). They occupy most of the top positions in the work places. This group of individuals poses a serious threat to various organizations in terms of retirement, performance and healthcare issues.
Consequently, baby boomers make the human resource department to encounter a problem of elder-care issues (Journal of travel research, 1992). Therefore, human resource will not have to deal only with how to address the challenges workers face from taking care of the elderly but also to make work accessible and meaningful for the aged population. This human resource management has a serious problem since they are ready to carry on with the young employees, but this can not work out because the baby boomers are blocking their path.
Despite pressure from the young generation, baby boomers are not ready to let go their jobs. In this case, baby boomers fear retirement for many reasons, ranging from personal to economic aspects. Baby boomers also pose more challenges to the human resource since they need a lot of medical care as compared to the rest of the employees and, therefore, they have a lot of health care issues (Billboard magazine, 2003). Baby boomers are not flexible moving from job to job and career to career thus calling for diverse training activities.
Recommendation to these problems
The various organizations should be able to capture vital information and experience from workers facing retirement. Therefore, the human resource should be able to have a formal workforce planning processes or tools in place to capture the work place knowledge. In addition, capturing the knowledge base and successfully transitioning information, resources and expertise is more necessary for the organization (Community college journal, 2006). Continued leadership and management training will be highly effective for the industry. This can be attributed to continuous education of the staff through professional development training sessions that will help in boosting productivity in hotel industries. The human resource management should also formulate and implement strategic measures of handling elder-care issues at the work place. The management must also ensure that they ensure proper strategies on health care issues involving the aged personnel.
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Community college journal Volume 77 issue 2006: American Association of Community Colleges Read More
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(Baby Boomers in Hotel Industry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Baby Boomers in Hotel Industry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Baby Boomers in Hotel Industry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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