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Afterschool programs - Research Paper Example

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Crime rates and insecurity in most parts of the world have been attributed to the rising cases of children leaving school without proper activities to engage in.In instances where children are not actively engaged after school, there are high chances of getting involved in activities that are not good…
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Afterschool programs
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Extract of sample "Afterschool programs"

Crime rates and insecurity in most parts of the world have been attributed to the rising cases of children leaving school without proper activities to engage in. In instances where children are not actively engaged after school, there are high chances of getting involved in activities that are not good. Such activities that are common to ‘idle’ children are involved in anti-ethical practices and behaviors for example drugs and substance abuse and enrolment into criminal gangs. Nevertheless, there are some factors that inhibit the successful adoption and implementation of after school programs. These factors include funding, maintenance of qualified, the in availability of space as well as the varying perceptions of individual parents within a society (Larner, 32-33). When school going children are done with schooling or are in the transition from one stage of learning into another such as from high school studies and before they enroll into tertiary learning programs, there is always a tendency of them to engage in other things that may not be really ethical or moral. Moreover, the tendency for children to engage in criminal gangs may be heightened by the prevalence of poverty within an area. They usually take the responsibility of providing security and even material needs for their families. However, enrolment into criminal gangs for the children after school does not provide the solution as assumed but rather heightens the cases of insecurity and poverty. Lack of competence and skills make these school leavers fail to secure any form of employment, which leaves them prone to be lured into the criminal gangs, which raises the insecurity. One of the safest and best-proved mechanisms through which school-leaving children may be saved from engagement into crime life has been through positive after school programs. The benefits of engaging school leavers as well as school going children in the after school programs are basically the cost benefits as through averting the likelihood of these children to engage in crime saves the economies much money that would be used in monitoring and correctional mechanisms for the criminals. Moreover, much income is lost through the criminal activities by these students, which would be saved through these programs. Therefore, according to Brown (Brown et al, 1) governments and societies at large save a lot in monetary terms as well as social security with the programs that target saving the future of the school leavers (Risk groups). This has led to many governments devoting many resources in the programs which has the capacity to influence the behavior and choices of the risk groups which compose more of the school leavers. Career parents and guardians lack ample time to engage with their school going children especially after the children leave school for home. In these instances, many parents enroll their children into facilities that engage their children after school in some developmental programs through which the children attention in engaging in other ‘improper’ activities is diverted. High rates of enrolment into after school programs in the US have been noted with the Hispanic and the African-American communities (Anon, 1-2). Due to poverty and neglect of the role of upbringing of children, many children are left to take care of themselves after school which is attributed to poor academic performance, higher rites of behavior problems as well as more accidents. The advantages of enrolling into the after school programs are such as the more positive relations with other people and peers, higher grades as well as better working habits. The after school programs are instrumental in helping children develop problem solving skills, self direction skills, communication skills as well as creative thinking. Through these programs, the children get to be observed and guided properly while their parents are engaged elsewhere. Durlak and Weissberg reason that the after school programs which follow evidence-based practices are more effective and instrumental in promoting emotional as well as social growth for children (Durlak and Weissberg, 1-2). The basic factors that would be attributed to the positives that arise from the after school programs are the increased career awareness by parents, which leaves the children without proper care and guidance; career parents have little time to their children which in turn leaves them to make own decision on their own(Zief et al, 1). In sum, the role of appropriate guidance by parents or other stakeholders in upbringing school going children cannot be overlooked. Proper guidance through the after school programs helps children develop better relational attributes with each other, better academic performance and proper decision making which helps them avoid the tendencies of engaging in improper behaviors. Works cited Anonymous, “After-School Programs” The National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies 2. nd.Web. 24 June 2013. Brown William O. et al, “The Costs And Benefits Of After School Programs: The Estimated Effects of the After School Education and Safety Program Act of 2002.” September 2002. Web. 24 June 2013. Durlak Joseph A. and Weissberg Roger P., “Afterschool Programs That Follow Evidence-Based Practices to Promote Social and Emotional Development Are Effective”. A Compendium on Expanded Learning. nd. Web. 24 June 2013. Larner Mary, “Why Should We Care About After-School Care?” After School care. Michigan Family Impact Seminars. nd. Web. 24 June 2013. Zief Susan Goerlich et al, “Impacts of After-School Programs on Student Outcomes.” Campbell Systematic Reviews 2006:3. February, 2006. Web. 24 June 2013. Read More
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