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In this paper, I will investigate the possible outcomes of an afterschool enrichment program aimed at increasing interest in math and science careers. In addition, I will answer several other educational questions in this paper…
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Afterschool mathematics and sciences daycare program
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Afterschool Mathematics and Sciences Daycare Program In this paper, I will investigate the possible outcomes of an afterschool enrichment program aimed at increasing interest in math and science careers. In addition, I will answer several other educational questions in this paper. Answer to Question 1: The first possible outcome of these afterschool programs are increases in the performance of the children that participate in the programs. Their grades in the math and sciences would improve significantly after partaking in the program. This would happen because once they have connected the classroom to the real world, they will have a much higher interest in the subject than they did before. According to Olatokunbo Fashola in his book Building Effective After-School Programs, afterschool programs are the perfect opportunity for students to make connections between school and the real world, since they participate in these activities on a daily basis for several years (p. 15). Another possible outcome of the programs is increased participation in the programs. The students will tell their friends about the experiences they have in the program, and thus, more students will want to participate, and the afterschool program will increase their business and income, and could then use that to further improve their program. One last possible outcome of the program is increased levels of college applications than there was before the students participated. Answer to Question 2: I think that the people that implement the program are more important than the program itself. I think this because the people who implement the program can either make it boring or extremely fun for the participants, regardless of what they are doing. Enthusiasm is very important when teaching children, as an enthusiastic teacher can make even the most boring subjects fun, while there is no hope for enjoying a boring teacher who teaches even the most intriguing subjects. Thus, it is important that the afterschool program hires instructors who are knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic. Answer to Question 3: Evaluating the goals and outcomes of the afterschool program has several parallels with writing lesson plans and school improvement plans. They both must evaluate all the possible factors and use critical thinking skills to see how those factors could improve or not improve upon the desired goal. Also, they must each lay out a plan for action that they will follow when creating their program or school improvement plan, and these plans will have step by step directions that will help them to arrive at the desired goal. They are similar because they must both take into consideration how the students will react to their programs and/or school improvement plans. Answer to Question 4: I think that teachers should turn in their lesson plans to administrators weekly because it would make sure that they are being effective and productive. If teachers had to submit their lesson plans weekly, they would be motivated to make the best possible plan every week, and then their students would thus be receiving a better education. The administrators wouldn’t allow for any down time in the lesson plan or for activities that don’t have instructional value to the students. I support this moderation, because it would improve the grades of the students and better prepare them for standardized testing and would eventual help the students be more successful when applying to colleges. Works Cited Fashola, Olatokunbo S. Building Effective After-school Programs. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2002. Print. Read More
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