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The Achievement Gap between the Rich and the Poor - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Achievement Gap between the Rich and the Poor” the author discusses the existing relationship between student achievement and the family socioeconomic status. Family socioeconomic characteristics have been noted to continue being among some of the stronger student achievement…
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The Achievement Gap between the Rich and the Poor
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Extract of sample "The Achievement Gap between the Rich and the Poor"

Download file to see previous pages Reardon points out that most of the scholarly research that has been conducted on the socioeconomic achievement gradient has mostly been focused on attempts to try and understand mechanisms via which some of the factors like parental educational attainment, investments, school quality, family structure parental preferences, choices, and neighborhood conditions eventually contribute to the existing differences in children’s educational and academic success. However, there is relatively little that is currently known pertaining to the various socioeconomic achievement gaps over relatively long time periods (19). ...
ty of adequately uplifting some of the less advantaged students by contributing towards the improvement of their chances for success as adults: There have been a number of recently published scholarly articles whose research suggest that the existing achievement gap between poor and rich children is gradually widening in a rather troubling development that is critically threatening to eventually dilute education’s potent leveling effects. Tavernise (2012), highlights that it is well-known that children that happen to come from the more affluent families eventually tend to do better in school. However, despite this fact, Tavernise argues that the income divide has continued to receive relatively far less attention from the various government officials and policymakers as compared to the attention that gaps in student accomplishment by race continue to receive. This stance is seen to be supported by Ladd and Fiske (2011) ,who are keen to point out that although there exist no serious disputes to the fact that students from the more disadvantaged households generally tend to perform relatively less poor at school as compared to their peers who happen to be hailing from some of the more advantaged households, it is quite concerning that as opposed to policy makers attempting to address this situation, they have mistakenly continued to reason that as they are evidently quite unable to effectively change the backgrounds of students, they should effectively try and focus on those things which they find themselves able to effectively control. Current Government Policies Attempting to Narrow Achievement Gaps Several policies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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