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Urban Education Policy and School Improvement - Essay Example

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The writer of this paper "Urban Education Policy and School Improvement" suggests that the academic disparities that have been prevalent between rich and poor institutions can be addressed through proper funding provided by the government, family support, and hiring high-quality tutors…
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Urban Education Policy and School Improvement
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Extract of sample "Urban Education Policy and School Improvement"

Download file to see previous pages The educational system that is embedded in the current society tends to harness the growth of students by providing a curriculum that prepares them for their careers. However, the huge disparities between rich and poor district students are detrimental because it hinders the growth of students in the less fortunate neighborhoods.  One of the key aspects that creates this disparity can be categorized as “unavoidable circumstances” which consist of many elements.  Conducive studies conducted in this matter indicate that the major cause of achievement gap in New Jersey State is because of the socio-economic factors that have contributed to this grown problem.  Abbott’s struggle to advocate for equal funding of the education system can truly be a catalyst towards an extreme reform in the poor district. As a matter of fact, school administrators have suggested to a more useful approach of the tax money by allocating to the educational system. Undoubtedly, this will attract high-quality professors that can work with the school systems in order to meet the educations that are developed by the district.  Provision of equal funding and learning materials might not adequately close the existing achievement gap in the state as more effort needs to be instilled in order to solve this dilemma. As poverty greatly contributes to underdevelopment of students and minimizes their chances of achieving success in education, it is critical that the government should funnel funding into these poor areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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