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Improving School Lunches in Philadelphia Schools - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Improving School Lunches in Philadelphia Schools" highlights that while considering the economic status of most learners, Philadelphia state attempts to use local farms as available resources of uplifting lives. It also uses corporations to subsidize food products preferred by students…
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Improving School Lunches in Philadelphia Schools
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Extract of sample "Improving School Lunches in Philadelphia Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Philly has been compelled to campaign against the distribution of pre-plated lunches predispose students tasteless and bad food toxic for their health (Dalton 134). Alternatively, as this paper will demonstrate, it is essential to improve lunches in Philadelphia schools through feasible methodologies that favor all stakeholders.
Improvement of lunch programs, for instance, in other states lies both on (NSLA) and (NSLP) in terms of initiating a progressive school feeding plan. In Boston, stakeholders supplied hot lunches to students under the guidance of the Boston School Committee. This central kitchen system was formerly started as an experimental program supported by extensive federal aid. On that account, while Philly schools have incorporated such goals and objectives in serving most of its learners, it has failed to provide certain items. For example, milk and sandwiches are usually missing in school lunches because of reduced funding from the state (Dunn 122). Similarly, the number of learners supersedes the local farms that supply the materials for producing the essential items mentioned above. This demonstrates that only a few areas are served with adequate lunch program. According to the Philadelphia Urban Food and Fitness Alliance (PUFFA), school districts found in Philly enjoy the monopoly of distributing school lunch offerings. These include baby carrots, blended fruit juice, and Tuna salad. Others entail nacho chips, beef patty and 1 per cent milk. Overall, like other states such as Massachusetts, Boston, and New York school districts in Philly need to establish local committees that oversee student welfare in lunch programs.
Another important element entails Commodity Donation Program that continues to thrive in form of a nutritional standpoint. It is a phenomenon evident in Boston, especially when infused with the Federal Surplus Relief Corporation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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