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Accessibility or Accountability - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The article under consideration “Accessibility or Accountability?” analyzes the discrepancy which exists between the rhetoric of the No Child Left Behind Act and its practical implications. The article can help understand the drawbacks of the No Child Left Behind Act…
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Accessibility or Accountability
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Extract of sample "Accessibility or Accountability"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the article discusses the controversies between the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. He addresses the problems that take roots in the melding of NCBH and the IDEA. In the course of the analysis, the author defines that the IDEA appears to be suitable and acceptable for the individuals with disabilities than NCLB and invites the U. S. Department of Education to stop the tension between the two acts. The article is important for the understanding of the issue of the collision between the acts and shows the point of view of the counterparty which is opposite to that one discussed in Kaufman and Blewett's article.
 The article under consideration presents the results of the research on the effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind Act in increasing student achievement rates. In accordance with the authors of the research, despite the negative predictions, the NCLB Act has a positive influence on the rates of student achievement. The article shows that there are significant improvements not only among students with average achievements but among those ones from low-achieving groups. The article can be used in the research while discussing the positive outcomes of the introduction of the Act to the system of education.
 In the article, Research Professor of Sociology at John Hopkins University Joyce L. Epstein discusses 1118 section of the No Child Left Behind Act that touches upon parental involvement. More specifically, the author of the article presents her own views on the requirements to parental involvement considered in the NCLB Act, gives a range of example from practice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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