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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Schools of education and teachers play a key role in reforming learning, not by means of mandates, policies and curriculums but, through the imaginative and intellectual capability of teachers. Schools and the local community should provide a space where children can nature, promote, and sustain reflective practices, activism by the community, and acts as a means to continuous learning in favor of the children (Verma 78)…
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How to use modern technology
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Download file to see previous pages These young minds must therefore, be educated through events or activities on the benefits of modern technology. Consequently children equipped with knowledge on modern technology will provide a stable future for the country. Use of technology is central to the philosophy of developing a system equipped for the future and, to that end all children must have access to tools that form part of the fabric of their everyday lives. Technology is a tool, not a subject (Verma 78). Digital cameras have dramatically changed the way we take photographs. By suing cameras during the modern technology week fair children will be able to take photographs and later write projects and add pictures into them. In the process off this activity students get to know more about their community its surroundings and local people. In addition to this, they will also be gaining knowledge about modern technology as they handle the digital camera. In the event, a multicultural activity may be used to teach children about their community and also the use of modern technology. Multicultural education includes teaching children about their own culture and their ethnic heritage. It means exposing children to other diverse culture and helping them be comfortable with and respect all the ways in which people appear different to each other. This may be achieved by teaching the children how to relate to one another and how to play fairly. This encourages children to notice and think about fairness and challenges them to do something about the unfairness towards people they perceive in their world. Through activities like photography and use of other modern technological equipment children will get to intermingle with other people in society who come from different ethnic groups. This will help create a rapport as kids share the equipment and also put in efforts to attain set objectives of the modern technological event (Verma 78). Another activity in the modern technology fair includes the designing of a community library. Emerging multi-ethnic populations in many communities and the increasingly urgently need for literacy and information technology skills call for a change in the design of library buildings(Verma 75).Libraries could become key communication centers, for mobile populations and their design will need to reflect the different levels and layers of entry or different temporal zones. Young people in this event get actively involved in the design of the service that would benefit hem in future. Through voicing their ideas by drawing or art or photography or in question and answer segment in the event, valuable information will be acquired of how to run a community library. Movies and short films may be aired in the event. During the event short films may be aired to be viewed by the children. Short films and movies offer the most visual and engaging learning tool for today’s children. This technology enhances the curriculum children are taught at school. On the spot, teachers can show video clips about almost any topic mainly those relating to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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