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How Modern Day Technology Has Changed Our Lives - Essay Example

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How modern day technology has changed our lives Modern day technology is able to transform human life by flooding the market with innovative gadgets. To be specific, earlier, time/distance was considered as the most important hindrance in front of human beings to communicate with each other…
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How Modern Day Technology Has Changed Our Lives
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Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: The most important developments in the field of modern day technology (cell phone, credit/debit cards, Satellite TV, computer, and the Internet) are interconnected with the growth and development of human society as a whole (special references to the Internet). Modern day technology and life Some of the most important innovations within the modern day technology which changed human life include cell phone, credit/debit cards, Satellite TV, computer, and the Internet. This list is incomplete because most of the innovations within modern day technology are capable to transform human life as a whole. Cell phone: The invention of cell phone revolutionized the scenario of telecommunication. To be specific, the cell phone became popular because the same was able overcome the limitations of fixed phones. Klemens makes clear that “While the cellular phone was making its first appearance on the markets during the 1980’s, the industry was already planning the next stage in its evolution” (114). Besides, the cell phone acted the role of the connection between information technology and the mass. In the beginning, cell phones were used for text-messaging and to make calls. Gradually, the development in the field of mass communication helped cell phone companies and service providers to inculcate multimedia facilities to the cell phones. Today, cell phones are considered as the cheapest mode of communication and one of the best examples for the change by modern day technology. So, one can easily identify that the development in the field of technology deeply influenced the development of cell phone as a modern day gadget. Within this context, cell phone, with the help of modern day technology has changed the lifestyle of the people. Credit/debit card: Within the context of modern day technology, banking sector is deeply influenced by technological revolution. For instance, credit/debit card changed the relationship between the bank employees and the customers. Earlier, the customers were forced to wait endlessly to have satisfactory service. So, the inculcation of credit/debit card changed the service sector within banking. Today, the usage of credit/debit card is most helpful for the customer because it is helpful to save time, which is most valuable. For instance, the customers need not keep money with them because they can use credit/debit cards to purchase things. So, one can see that the usage of credit/debit cards helped human beings to make use of the technological development. Arnold opines that “From purchasing airline tickets and shopping online to filling up the grocery cart and topping off the gas tank, we use credit cards as a convenient, quick way to pay”(1). From a different angle of view, modern day technology is the motivation behind the development in the field of banking, especially the usage of credit/debit cards. To be specific, one cannot ignore the development in the field of technology because the whole world is undergoing rapid change. Satellite TV: The innovation in the field of telecommunication changed the context of multimedia. Earlier, people used to view fixed programs on their television sets. Today, direct-broadcast Satellite TV is helpful for the viewer to choose according to his or her interest. Benoit points out that “One can thus affirm that Satellite TV is poised to evolve significantly in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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