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Technology survey analysis - Essay Example

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Due to technology, the world we live in has changed from isolated pieces of land to an interlinked global village. Modern day technology has a huge…
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Technology survey analysis
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Download file to see previous pages They have become an integral part of our lives over the past few years and now it just does not feel right if we do not have access to them. For example, the internet has completely changed the way we live our lives today. It has penetrated into most households and into most individual’s life. With the use of internet it is possible to do things today that people could not have dreamt before. Accessing information, listening to music, reconnecting with high school friends, communicating with people in different parts of the world and managing business electronically has become exceedingly easier with the use of internet.
The ease of use of technology has led to the ever increasing usage of technological products amongst the college going students. With the exceeding use of black berries and smart phones, high end gaming platforms, faster and more reliable computers, robots etc a typical college going student is bombarded with technology from all sides. But out of all the technological products a student interacts with the internet can be classified as the one most important technological invention that has completely changed the lives of students. Therefore, I have decided to study the impact of internet on an average college going student.
Since my study focuses on college going students I decided to carry out my research at Bentley University. The University is located 10 miles west of Boston and is one of the nations leading business schools which aim to produce business leaders with strong technical skills and high ethical standards. Thus it presented me with an ideal blend of college going students who could be used for the survey.
The study was carried out at the Bentley University by asking students to fill a questionnaire. The questions were aimed to identify the impact of internet usage on a college student’s life. The study was limited to finding out the nature of the impact rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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