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Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection - Essay Example

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This paper "Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection" focuses on the fact that surveys are very important in making decisions about issues. A survey allows an individual, group of individuals or an institution to obtain primary information that can be used to decide about a subject. …
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Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection
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Download file to see previous pages Researches have become very important in business. Surveys are used to get information about the market and other business-related information. In police departments, a survey is very important for collecting information from the public. To collect and analyse the data from the public, data collection and analysis methods have to be used.
Various data collection methods are available for data collection. To collect data, various considerations should be made. In research, a high number of respondents imply that the research will give better results. However, the cost of the research is also factored. Taking information from many respondents implies that the research will be more costly (Pearce, Axinn, 2006, 89). The geographical coverage of the survey is another major factor that is considered when planning the survey. Information from a small geographical region is easy to collect and does not involve a high cost. Getting a response from a wide geographical region is not easy; the cost and time would be high. Doing a survey involves cost. In most researches, the anticipated cost is set and the person doing the research must stick to the cost set. It is not possible to receive responses from all the members of a population on which research is done. The researchers have to decide on the criteria through which to select part of the population as the respondents to the survey.
A survey is a systematic way of collecting facts about a population. The method differs from the conventional method of making implications about a population by using opinions. The data collected from a population through a survey is presented in a way that implications can be made from the data collected. The facts collected in a survey can be presented in two ways; as quantitative data or qualitative data. Quantitative is data which can be quantified; presented in numerical form (Couper, 1998, 56). On the other hand, qualitative data is data that cannot be presented in numerical form but represents facts from the population.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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