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This essay analyzes that big data analytics is a process of organizing, collecting and analyzing an enormous set of data, for purposes of discovering useful information and patterns. Big data analysts normally want the knowledge that emanates from the analysis of the data under consideration…
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Technology Evaluation - Big Data Analytics
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, Sathi (2012) explains that most enormous data projects normally originate from the desire of answering specific questions relating to business operations.
These questions might include on how to increase sales, effectively manage the organization's human resources, and methods of cutting organizational costs. Liebowitz (2013) therefore maintains that with the right platform of big data analytics, an organization will gain the capacity of increasing efficiency, boosting sales, improving operations, risk management, and customer service. This paper is an evaluation study plan, aimed at understanding the benefits and costs of using the technology of Big Data Analytics. In meeting the objectives of this paper, the researcher will identify the research questions that this technology aims to solve, methods used in conducting the study, the limitations, and timeline of events.
As large business organizations initiate measures of improving the security system of their computer networks, a common method is being used to employ security staff, as well as establishing a central Information Technology security system (Bethlehem and Biffignandi, 2012). Business organizations have increased an emphasis on the physical security, personal safety, as well as the protection of their important critical infrastructures. This has led business organizations and higher learning institutions to develop a wide range of job titles, reporting relationships, segmented job functions, for purposes of describing how to approach the privacy of data, and protecting personal information, intellectual properties, and security of networks and computer systems (Kibert, 2012). Big Data Analytics concerns itself with analyzing enormous volumes of data, and this becomes a security issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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