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Hardware Infrastructure in Any Big Business or Federal Organization - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Hardware Infrastructure in Any Big Business or Federal Organization" investigates several needs encountered during the process of managing information and Technology infrastructure basing on several factors. This involves the scope of the project together with the assigned deliverables…
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Hardware Infrastructure in Any Big Business or Federal Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Project Objective: The project’s objective involves the identification of several needs and difficulties encountered during the process of managing information and Technology infrastructure basing on several factors. This involves the scope of the project together with the assigned deliverables. Factors to consider include technology comparison, financial budgeting, inventory assessment, and associated costs.
1. Determine efficiency of an organization’s resources
2. Determination of the reliability of an organization’s current assists
3. Determine the cost of infrastructure upgrade
Milestones: The completion of the project has to take place before 2016. According to Chambers (2015), the instantaneous events associated with the IT project include;
1. Permits Approved- 20th October 2015
2. Assets inventory Taking – 20th October 2015
3. Determination of costs involved in supporting and maintaining hardware – 20th November 2015
4. Evaluation of probably available technology – 30th November 2015
5. Making of the financial budget – 5th December 2015
6. Final Inspection – 30th December 2015
Technical Requirements: The project considers many technical issues so as t successfully attain the desired objectives. The technical aspects touch on the availability, reliability, and the performance of the project (Ambler, 2004).
1. Determine the challenges of changing old/Obsolete Information Technology hardware infrastructure
2. Renew the IT infrastructure with an organizations budget ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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