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The Effects Of Modern Technology on Our Lives - Essay Example

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Nevertheless, technologies may controversially effect on our life both causing harm and making our lives easier. Technologies have become tools for scientific development and the combination of classical…
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The Effects Of Modern Technology on Our Lives
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Extract of sample "The Effects Of Modern Technology on Our Lives"

Download file to see previous pages development of technologies another kinds of production are also growing up while labor force is becoming cheaper and that allows satisfying all consuming needs of constantly increasing world’s population. But which is the most important, technologies made possible the appearance of new opportunities for communication and quick access to any information we need.
But there are certain disadvantages of technology development as well. It became almost impossible to control the amount and quality of produced information, though it is a powerful tool for mind control. The fast rates of production catastrophically reduce a quantity of resources in the world, and at the same time “overproduction” takes place. So consumers’ needs constantly grow, resources are depleting, but massive production keeps increasing, rising people’s needs. The development of military technologies funded by governments raises a general level of military conflict possibility.
It is impossible to imagine our modern world without technologies; we don’t even notice how we aren’t able to live without them anymore. To estimate the effect of modern technology on our lives and definitely say that they are either something good or bad is absolutely unreal. The point is that technologies may controversially effect on our life they constantly do both cause harm and make our lives easier.
It is hard to argue that the contribution that modern technologies have brought in our lives’ progress is almost unevaluated, because the opportunities we have now through the technological invasion are much wider than even ten years ago. The first aspect of the contribution we have to consider is definitely a fast development of modern science. At the very beginning of huge rise of technologies scientists were scared that technologies may destroy classical science, because the matter of science is to look for the essence of nature, it deals mostly with philosophical problems of “why?” and “how?”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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