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Main Aspects of Technology and Society - Coursework Example

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This coursework "Main Aspects of Technology and Society" describes the progress, never-ending struggle towards further prosperity and unbelievable explorations and discoveries in all the spheres of human knowledge.  This paper outlines the impossibility of living without technology and the causes of it. …
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Main Aspects of Technology and Society
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Extract of sample "Main Aspects of Technology and Society"

Download file to see previous pages Technologies that fifty years ago would seem like a miracle nowadays are simple parts of our day to day life without which we cannot exist because we depend on them not any less than we depend on ourselves and our abilities. Historically and practically progress in its most perfect and absolute meaning started after people of the Old World discovered, explored and conquered the New World. Progress, as we know it today, is a consequence of two colossal civilization events second of which is the rediscovery of our planet’s position among the other planets in our Solar System, Galaxy and the whole Universe. Due to these incredible discoveries people nowadays have telephones, automobiles, the internet, and television. If not for the Renaissance that preceded people’s need for practical changes with theoretical knowledge such global explorations would not be possible (Cormack, 2013). And without the science, as we know it today which basically was founded by people like Isaac Newton, Galileo, Nicolas Copernicus, and Rene Descartes simply, would not exist. Great discoveries proved that despite the fact that people in their unimaginable arrogance though they know and own everything the reality in fact was not what they suspected (Webster 2013). This proof of the insecurity and weakness of the human mind led society to think in a grander way. If all that surrounded humanity during thousands of years in fact was not right, then obviously there must be something else to look forward to, something new and great which will change everything and everyone. This new orientation provided the necessary motive and challenged people with new possibilities (Dampier, 1948). The barrier of arrogance and egoistic and elusive feeling of omniscience was finally overcome. Wise words of Socrates “I know that I know nothing” beautifully echoed through the ages (West, 1998). This new starting point offered people everything they want and approved further conquering of nature in order to provide the real and now complete man’s domination over the forces of the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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