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How the Media Shapes your World and the Way You Live in It - Book Report/Review Example

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The present book review "How the Media Shapes your World and the Way You Live in It" is focused on how the Media at large has had an impact on our day to day lives. It is stated that it gives a vivid picture of how the media has been able to position itself between a human being and the real world…
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How the Media Shapes your World and the Way You Live in It
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Extract of sample "How the Media Shapes your World and the Way You Live in It"

Download file to see previous pages His views most of the time falls on the negative side and tend to criticize rather than praise and acknowledge.
From Meditated, we can see his warm and personal approach to the subject matter of how the media has shaped our world and the way we live in it. The book gives us a clear picture of De Zangotite’s views on what he considers being a dilution of human culture and previous ways of living. And it all has to do with what we consume in terms of information. From his point of view, nothing good and productive comes from The Media. It is quite clear and obvious that none of the modern ways of doing things is any attractive to De Zangotita.
Ranging from warfare, relationships, the evolution of the cultural ways and the marriage structure, the way news and information is handled and passed on these days, is something to be embarrassed and ashamed about (Mediated 20-48). In that sense, the author presents his opposing views concerning the above-mentioned issues, as well as how humans should do in order to improve on where they have gone wrong. To some extent, one can deduce that his book serves as guidance towards a healthy society, which is free from corruption and any other evil vice. Indeed, his work not only sheds light on the relation between humans and the use of modern technology but also reveals how and why technology is changing the way things are done in the societal point of view.
In yesteryears, news and information used to hold more relevance and credibility. In essence, the news reported would bring the truth behind the issue as well as the way forward. Noteworthy, things during those days were run in the right way possible, seeing that those involved in such jobs were competent enough and mature to deliver what the society demanded. But in recent times information sources especially the media have been seen to learn more on the irrelevant and non-constructive side.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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