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Compare and analyze two different core reading - Thesis Example

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While, at one side it has made information so readily available and transformed the world into a global village where connecting with like-minded individuals is easy on the other hand, it has…
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Compare and analyze two different core reading
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Extract of sample "Compare and analyze two different core reading"

Download file to see previous pages “But a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the Net, with its constant distractions and interruptions, is also turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers.” (par.1.Carr (a)).The author claims that the internet has shaped the modern thinking abilities and is constantly changing it in a manner that is highly making us more surface level thinkers rather than focused ones. The writer also argues on the point that the use of internet in teaching techniques is making weak holes in the thinking process of the human mind."But that has been accompanied by "new weaknesses in higher-order cognitive processes," including "abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, reflection, inductive problem solving, critical thinking, and imagination." Were becoming, in a word, shallower.” (par.7.Carr (a)).
Another point that was highlighted in the article by Carr targets the multi-tasking individuals and how the juggling of various tasks at a single time overall impacts the mind making individuals have a short attention span, not to mention distracting thoughts that made it hard but almost not possible to focus on a single task.“The heavy multitaskers performed poorly on all the tests. They were more easily distracted, had less control over their attention” (par.8.Carr (a)). The three main highlighted points showed authors concern over how the internet not only affected the individuals thinking capabilities but rather destroyed the focus and control over the mind once possessed. Suggesting to return to the previous times, “We have to forge or strengthen the neural links needed to counter our instinctive distractedness, thereby gaining greater control over our attention and our mind.” (par.15.Carr (a)), where reading books enhanced the mental attention span but also gave the focus to develop the individuals own thinking.
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