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Are we too dependent on technology - Essay Example

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Our ever evolving technological world is today subjected to both criticism and astonishment. Technology has found itself in a sort of pathogen that has…
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Are we too dependent on technology
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Extract of sample "Are we too dependent on technology"

Download file to see previous pages viduals who believe that it has taken over our daily routines, those who think that it only stands to benefit the world lives and some who have mixed views about technology’s effects. These arguments beget the seeds of controversy on this compelling argument.
According to the Google search, Voltaire said it initially: “With great power comes more responsibility”. Normally one hears this quote from a title fighter, a Jedi, or a team that has successively won the Stanley Cup. I this papers the same quote may be aimed right at those who have themselves more dependent on technology. Many have been lost to technology and have lost the urge of an even developing societal skill as before. Most teenagers these days even lack the know how to use a dictionary since "Google fixes it all" so many of these teenagers dont see it as a required skill. Traditionally, children were supposed to take care of their parents at old age and through the advices they obtain better their lives. These are contrary to the modern teenage life. The modern teenager is those who sometimes 7 to 10 hours a day on the internet and other technological gadgets. They rarely find time even build their social life. This can be arguably be attributed to the dependency on technology.
To further see how technology has to reap the world its treasures ,look around at the number of individuals who are engrossed in their personal computers, those with phones walking down the street, or while driving. No one can deny the fact that most accidents today are caused by individuals using or over-relying on various forms of technological devices such as their phones while driving, whether it is for GPS, to get on Tweeter, Facebook or anything else. Its insane and erroneous for individuals to fathom how anyone ever stays without texting, Google and GPS. In reality, Technology is a big assistance and a big problem. So how does one know when too much is too much? It can be clearly be traced to our daily routine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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