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Impact of Technology In Democratization of Knowledge - Essay Example

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The paper covers the issues of democratic societies which expect information to flow freely in the modern times. Technology has contributed to the democratization of knowledge in enormous ways. Internet is perceived to be intrinsically democratic. …
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Impact of Technology In Democratization of Knowledge
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Extract of sample "Impact of Technology In Democratization of Knowledge"

Download file to see previous pages Many existing scholarly debates touching on the challenge of democratic legitimacy in the global governance place emphasis on growing strength on international institutions. Internet has immensely contributed to anti globalization protests and critics of institutions like the international monetary fund (Lytras 2010). Through technology, people from all corners of ht world can express their sentiments and disapprove the autonomy of international institutions (Dominic 2007). Skeptic publics are beginning to question the power and legitimacy of international institutions through the technological platform (Maasein & Weingart 2006). The democratic deficit in the international governance poses a principal challenge (Halal 2008). Democratic publics are seeking to use technology to assert their opinions and control over government and social institutions that affect their lives. Organizations are considering reforms to make decision making processes easy and practical through the use of technology (Cullell 2008). There is no doubt that technology has contributed to democratization of decision making in institutions (Lytras 2010). Technology has given rise to scholarships that enhance the effectiveness of democratic institutions (Maasein & Weingart 2006). These strategies are aimed at constraining the exercise of authority and power through sharing of knowledge and information (Lytras 2010). Governments and other social institutions are using technology to resolve conflicts over interpretations of uncertainty regardless to the geographical distance (Dominic 2007). Democracy cannot be adequately discussed without a sharp focus on institutions (Maasein & Weingart 2006). Democracy is harnessed and executed through institutions. People are increasingly using technology to...
This report stresses that international governance has taken a fresh look under the influence on technology. Global politics mirror domestic societies in democratic societies. Technology has affected the ability of global players to govern with conferences being held through video conferencing and other high technologies. International governance can now achieve goals with much ease thank to the information superhighway. Technology has bridged the digital divide between remote societies and highly developed societies. The author of the paper talks that the concept that the world is flat has come about because of the easy on passage of knowledge under the atmosphere of advanced information technology. Technological advancement leads to increased flow of information.
This paper makes a conclusion that the barriers that affect the smooth flow of information are being bypassed. The structures are still on paper, but their usefulness has been redefined through the introduction of technology. However, many argue that technology alone is not enough to spar growth in the modern society. In the past, democratic technologies were absent and the hierarchical huddles affected social effectiveness. Technological advancement has made a substantial impact of the level of knowledge in every society. This is amount of information that flows in the society can be reflected through the technologies that have been are established. The impact of technologies cannot be understated when it comes to information flow and knowledge acquisition. Technology has profoundly democratized knowledge in the modern world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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