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The role of international organizations has constantly been increasing in the over the past years both at national and international levels. This has been so evident in promoting democracies, conservation of the environment, creating freedoms and human rights, developing and setting technology and professional standards, encouraging the development of sustainable developments, stimulating education and culture renewal, expanding the knowledge in science, research and technology, or guaranteeing the safety and survival of victims of natural disasters as well as man made calamities…
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International Relation
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Download file to see previous pages For the Non governmental organizations to be able to impact their influence, they need the support of larger multinational organizations as well (Palmer 2006). One such relationship has been in existence with the United Nations for over 50 years now. This relationship is not adequately recorded as it has experienced a lot of metamorphoses over time (Palmer 2006). However the most important thing is the common goals each of these organizations have; a world that is clean, healthy, and has opportunity for all to live their lives in justice and without fear. The UN and the NGOs both support this (Ishkanian 2008).
The role of Non governmental organizations in bringing the world to its senses (consciousness) is basically consultative though recently the involvement of the NGOs has become more intensive just like governments and political organizations. The most influential NGOs are the international ones and this increased participation of the International NGOs is what has come to be commonly described as the "Civil Society" (Palmer 2006). The UN describes this as the world where social movements systematize themselves focused on certain goals, constituencies, and thematic interests (UN secretary)
NGOs' Promotion of Democracy
Its has been the goal of the non governmental organization and the united nations to achieve a 100 percent democratic world over the next 25 years and this can only be achieved by radical reinforcement of the principal freedom fighters (Ishkanian 2008).
The NGOs have an advantage of a strong foundation of success and experience over the past decades. The freedom house has been very active in fighting fascism as an effort to create a democratic world since 1940 while the league of women voters took up the initiative to fight for democracy in the period after the World War II in Germany and Europe at large helping Spain and Portugal achieve democracy (Gagnon Jr 1995). Even America in the 1980s experienced a lot of NGO contribution to promoting democratic activities such as expansion of freedoms. The freedom house has indicated that over the past 33 years, the number of non free nations in terms of democracy has reduced by 50%.
The AFL-CIO has played a very important role in the achievement and strengthening cohesion in Poland while the National Democratic Institute has been involved in teaching democrats in Hungary about communism and benefits of democracy. NGOs are very effective as they can operate even in dangerous nations where dictators are still in power and where dictatorship is no longer in existence. This fact can be the mother of all strategies of initiating and maintaining democracies (Donald 1994). Dictatorship is the moist challenging issue in the achievement of democracy, paradoxically, with international NGOs in place, these fact is often very string as there is immense knowledge of how dictators in the past have left power and long lasting democracies implemented. Recently, a research by the freedom house indicated that so far over 67 transitions of freedom have been won ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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