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Impact of Surveillance on Society - Research Proposal Example

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The "Impact of Surveillance on Society" paper undertakes to look into the positive and negative ways in which the surveillance system impacts the society. Through a literature review, the paper concentrates on uncovering the possible impacts that technology brings with it for the entire society…
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Impact of Surveillance on Society
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Extract of sample "Impact of Surveillance on Society"

Download file to see previous pages The world has transformed from traditional society to a modern and more developed place of living. The anticipation of advancements in work practices has been made practical with the help of new technology. Many studies and researchers have proved that modern technology will mechanically result in enforcing constructive influences on the culture of organizations. Therefore, we can say that more efficient and effective ways of working can be implemented with the help of information technology. However, it happens sometimes that the astonishing reactions caused by the changes in technology are most often outlined as the resistance by the workforce. Among such technological advances is included the surveillance technology at the workplace. In conventional society, modernization was limited and people had to choose from those narrow options to manage them personally and professionally. The invention o0f surveillance technology has been a little older concept and this innovation has become common in almost all the sectors of occupation. The integration and sophistication of information and communication technology at the increasing level in daily lives have given rise to the emergence and introduction of newer types of technologies and surveillance technologies are one of the many such innovations.

The concept of Surveillance refers to supervising and monitoring the activities, behaviors and other various information about the people in order to direct, influence, manage or protect them (Lyon, David, 2007). It is therefore assumed that the practice of surveillance is ambiguous in nature and thus, creates positive effects sometimes, while negative impacts at others. The practice of surveillance is sometimes carried out in a rather surreptitious manner and is most usually considered as observing groups or individuals by government organizations.

Surveillance is characterized by the activities, physical features and people in a manner that tends to encourage social interactions in positive ways and maximize visibility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Surveillance on Society Research Proposal.
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Impact of Surveillance on Society Research Proposal.
“Impact of Surveillance on Society Research Proposal”.
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