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Variables The Internet Users and Democracy Score - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses the internet, that has been pointed out as a major catalyst towards the killings of democracy and at the same time, promoting the very core values of democracy in the modern world. It has been used as a stepping stone by activists who push for what is right, truth and justice…
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Variables The Internet Users and Democracy Score
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper examines that In most of the third world countries, the development process has not been fully conceptualized. Slums are on the extreme end of capital cities and people survive on less than a dollar a day. The rate of internet consumption is still not high and democracy is in its primary stages. Information is only limited to a few number of people and the rest, the low-income earners, are subjected to doctored information that is useless. Opinion leaders are left with the mandate of spreading this information, a role with which they perform with zeal and zest in propagating lies. The rules and regulations that govern internet consumption have been tightened to ensure minimal or no criticism is directed to the Government. Again, it all depends with the Government of the day.
From the above theoretical argument, it’s imperative to note that certain factors ought to be put into consideration. These factors include internet connectivity and ignorance from the target group of people. This group of people may not be willing to use the internet like in the third world countries mostly in Africa, the level of ignorance is very high.
This theory seeks to establish a footing in the long run on the principal independent variable which forms an analysis the relationship between democracy and the independent variables. The result of this will form a multivariate linear regression model to establish the exact number in terms of variance democratization across nations can be accounted for by the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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