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How Technology has Affected Nurses - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyses the influence of technology on nursing profession in general and its impacts on Charting and documentation in particular. The influence of technology can be seen everywhere in human life at present. Technology helped human kind to accomplish complicated tasks with lot of ease…
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How Technology has Affected Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages So she will feed all the data about a particular patient in the computers so that others can use this data and respond properly. Impatient care is provided by a team of support staff that rarely meets as a group but is in constant communication. Each team member is dealing with multiple patients and care management tasks with many information transfers and patient hand offs that must be reliable and coordinated if care is to be effective safe and timely(Turisco & Rhoads, 2008, p.3) According to Rantz et al (2005), “Technology has the potential to help address common problems encountered by older adults related to functional decline. Collaboration between Nursing, Computer Engineering, and Health Informatics is likely on a path to improve the quality of life of seniors” (Rantz et al., 2005, p.40). Elderly healthcare is a big problem everywhere in the world. It should be noted that many of the old people may lose their functionality partially or fully during their end of life situations. Nurses may face lot of problems while managing such patients. Better technologies can help nurses immensely in dealing with such cases. Lots of new technologies are currently in place to assist nurses in their profession. Distant care is one area in which technology helps nursing profession immensely. For example, it is possible for the nurses to use home dialysis equipment to change the blood of the patients in their home itself. Better communication technologies with the help of internet enhance the two communications between the patients and the nurses. For example telecare technology is currently used extensively in America to provide care to the needy people even from a distant place. “Technology has greatly influenced the evolution of...
As the discussion declares clinical information systems, electronic health records, drug retrieval and delivery systems, personal digital assistants, medical devices etc are some areas in which technology helps nursing profession in one way or another. Charting and documentation are other areas in which technology helps nurses immensely.From the report it is clear that impatient care is one area in which technology helps nursing professionals. It should be noted that impatient care is provided by a group of support staffs including nurses that meets rarely in person. For example, nurses are working in shifts and therefore it is difficult for a nurse in the previous shift to give all the feedbacks about a particular patient directly to the nurse working in the present or future shifts. So she will feed all the data about a particular patient in the computers so that others can use this data and respond properly. Lots of new technologies are currently in place to assist nurses in their profession. Distant care is one area in which technology helps nursing profession immensely. For example, it is possible for the nurses to use home dialysis equipment to change the blood of the patients in their home itself.  The influence of technology on nursing care can be visible not only in the cases of patients with chronic diseases, but also in the case of patients with minor diseases like fever. For example, earlier nurses used glass thermometers for recording the body temperatures of patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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