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Technology and Being a Nurse Educator Date Abstract This essay aims to address a two-fold objective, to wit: (1) to describe in detail how technology could affect a nurse educator; and (2) to discuss in detail how technology may affect learning…
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Technology and being a nurse educator
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Technology and Being a Nurse Educator This essay aims to address a two-fold objective, to wit to describe in detail how technology could affect a nurse educator; and (2) to discuss in detail how technology may affect learning. Technology and Being a Nurse Educator Introduction Nursing education today transforms from traditional teaching into a technology-based teaching and learning system. The application of technology in the classroom or clinical setting become increasingly apparent and grows exponentially. The field of nursing education needs a nurse educator that is competent, with unique application of nursing knowledge as well as responds to the knowledge evolution. Nursing education evolves from simple, traditional classroom teaching to complicated, online learning, use of informatics, and virtual simulations ( Bonnel, & Smith, 2010, p. 3). Along with this evolution is the need for nursing educators who can embrace technology and use it appropriately to meet the ever-changing needs of nurses, educators, students, patients, and society. Effects of Technology to a Nurse Educator The integration of technology in the field of nursing education affects nurse educators positively and negatively. The positive effects include the nurse educators’ enhancement of teaching opportunities, improved access to teaching materials saving both time and cost, provides educational options or strategies of teaching (used of printout, electronic sources, classroom interaction etc.), presents educational materials more challenging, knowledgeable, and presentable, promotes clinical safety and gain efficiency in teaching and learning, and guides evidenced-based practice. On the other hand, one possible negative effect noted is the difficulty encountered by nursing educators to adapt to technological advancements resulting in poor teaching and learning outcome. Nurse educators’ teaching opportunities is enhanced because of the high-technology gadgets or tools for teaching. A typical example is the use of PowerPoint presentation. Instead of the traditional whiteboard discussion, teaching in nursing education was made easier and understandable. Also, access to teaching materials was improved and made easier ( Bonnel,& Smith, 2010, p. 5). For example, nurse educators may instruct students to review a particular topic using the electronic sources available in the university website or any educational sites. In this case, nurseeducators’ saves time, effort, and cost in going directly to a research facility instead. When the nurse educator found the right material for teaching, they may choose options or strategies of teaching, an advantage that only technology could offer. Nurse educators may give options to students of reading the lessons in print versions or utilizing electronic sources ( Bonnel & Smith, 2010, p. 6). With technology, nurse educators present nursing concepts and theories in a challenging and enjoyable activity. This is demonstrated in automated quizzes with instant feedback, case study applications, questions in PowerPoint presentations, and teaching handouts or posters ( Bonnel & Smith, 2010, p. 7). Through technology, nurse educators promotes client’s safety and efficient learning by tracking information and reminders on care issues and developing positive patient outcomes. In this way, technology has provided nurse educators guidance for evidence-based practice to help assess, monitor, and care for specific patients. Despite the positive effects of technology to nurse educators, negative effects also burden nurse educators. The advancement made in nursing education and technology made nurse educators to encounter difficulty in using modern technologies and adapt changes necessary for effective teaching. Conclusion Contemporary nursing education involves the application of technology and positively affects the nurse educators in terms of effective teaching method and promotingstudent learning. Reference Bonnel, W.E. & Smith, K.V. (2010). What Does It Mean to Teach with Technology? Teaching Technologies in Nursing and the Health Professions: Beyond Simulation and Online Courses.(p. 3-14) New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC. Read More
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