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Nurse as Educator - Essay Example

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Educating others, whether the learners are patients and their families, fellow staff nurses at all levels of education for many years. It is the aim of nurses to assist patients, well or ill, to become independent in managing their own health and to help our fellow colleagues and future nurses to deliver the highest possible quality of health care to those whom we serve.
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Nurse as Educator
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Extract of sample "Nurse as Educator"

Download file to see previous pages In today's healthcare arena, the unique holistic perspective of nursing practice mandates that nurses possess the knowledge and skills necessary to educate various audiences in a variety of settings with efficiency and effectiveness.
The fundamental ideas related to person as caring and nursing as a discipline and profession that serves as the perspective grounding for the theory Nursing as Caring. A new generic understanding of caring or of discipline and profession, but to communicate some of the ideas basic to Nursing as Caring.
Caring is an essential feature and expression of being human. The belief that all persons, by virtue of their humanness, are caring establishes the ontological and ethical ground on which this theory is built. Persons as caring are a value which underlies each of the major concepts of Nursing as Caring and is an essential idea for understanding this theory and its complications. Being a person means living caring, and it is through caring that out being and all possibilities are known to the fullest.
The concept of nursing situation is central to every aspect of the theory of Nursing as Caring. ...
Being a person means living caring, and it is through caring that out being and all possibilities are known to the fullest.
The concept of nursing situation is central to every aspect of the theory of Nursing as Caring. The nursing situation is both repository of nursing knowledge, the context for knowing nursing, shared lived experience in which the caring between the nurse and the one nursed enhances personhood.
It is to the nursing situation that the nurse brings self as caring person, expressing unique ways of living, attends to calls for caring, creating caring responses that nurture personhood, in the fullness of aesthetic knowing.
The nursing situation comes into being when the nurse actualizes a personal and professional commitment to the belief that all persons are caring. It should be recognized that a nurse can engage in many activities in an occupational role that are not necessarily expressions of nursing. When a nurse practices nursing thoughtfully, that nurse if guided by his or her conception of nursing. The concept of nursing formalized in the Nursing as Caring theory is at the very heart of nursing, extending back into the unrecorded beginnings of nursing and forward into the future.
Remember that the nursing situation is a construct held by the nurse, any interpersonal experience contains the potential to become a nursing situation. In the formal sense of professional nursing, the nursing situation develops when one person presents self in the role of offering the professional service of nursing and the other presents self in the role of seeking, wanting or accepting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Nurse as Educator" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own research.


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