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Trends Affecting the Nurse as Educator - Research Paper Example

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Trends Affecting the Nurse as Educator 02/02/2013 Trends Affecting the Nurse as Educator Nowadays health care climate are changing on account of political as well as policy implications, specific development in education of nursing are usually surfacing. These alterations do not only affect the core curriculum taught to student and the professionals, but it also affects the method in which the material is actually delivered…
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Trends Affecting the Nurse as Educator
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Download file to see previous pages Change is everywhere, defining not just only what we all teach, but in addition to this how we all teach our students. Transformations occurring in nursing as well as nursing education are simply driven by some socioeconomic variables, developments in health care deliveries and also professional problems unique to the nursing profession (Cerf, 1976). Shifts in the population of the United States have greatly affected the health care priorities and the practice regarding nursing. As a result of progress in public clinical and health care, the average life span is growing rapidly. It has been estimated that by the year 2020, around 20 percent of the population will have grown 65 or older. Greater life-span of people with chronic and also acute ailments will challenge medical care system's power to give useful and powerful care. High growth rate in the diversity of population affect the nature and occurrence of the illnesses and diseases that require alteration in practices which depicts diverse beliefs and attitudes. Discrepancy in mortality, morbidity, and access to care among population have improved, even when the socioeconomic and other relating factors have caused growth in violence and the drug abuse. Nursing practice, training, and study must take hold of and cater these changing demographics, and healthcare professionals must emphasize on spiritual well being, as well as the psychosocial and the physical health of the entire population (Zerwekh, 2011). The demographics of the students have also changed. Diversity of race and ethnicity in the health care and nursing schools have emerged drastically, providing a healthy and rich environment for the students to learn. Students nowadays enter nursing schools at older ages bringing with them various college and work experiences. They are either full-time workers or some of them are raising their families which limits their academic experience and requires flexibility while scheduling (Zerwekh, 2011). The radical change in the information technology has already brought about a drastic change on the education of the nurses and the delivery of the health care. Development in the technological sector has enhanced the usage of telemedicine and telehealth that brings together the provider and the patient without the need of physical presence. The nurses of the current era should be proficient in computer technology. Easy and flexible access to the data now has an affect on how nursing research should be conducted (Zerwekh, 2011). Globalization has been caused by advancement in the commerce and international travelling, information technology and expansion of the multinational sectors. Along with the possibility of fast disease spread, there is also a possibility for drastic improvement of health because of share of knowledge between the health care systems and cultures. Science of nursing should have power to deal with medical problems like the emerging infections. Education and research of nursing should be more internationally focused now to get benefit from multicultural exposure (Zerwekh, 2011). This century patients are well informed who tends to take part in decisions that affect their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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