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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Cost of Health Care and the Challenge of Managed Care Abstract The debate regarding the real cost of Health Care has just intensified and it is not just a big concern for individuals, but also a concern by businesses and the government (Heller, Oros and Crowley 6)…
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Program and University Benchmark: Societal trends in Nursing and Patient Education paper
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Download file to see previous pages As such, even people with health insurance are now becoming more and more wary of the quality of care, especially the integrity and professionalism due to greater than before emphasis on expenses, particularly the non-covered nursing services. Consequently, nursing professionals focusing on health education and support services are increasingly being faced with the lack of financing or even reimbursement. Furthermore, nurse practitioners across the nation are now experiencing challenges from being credentialed when facing care provider panels. Under managed care initiatives, nurses and other health professionals have to apply more and more collaboration and partnerships due to increasingly seamless care in a new cultural norm in terms of practice settings. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the cost of Health Care and challenges of managed care, with a focus on its impact on nursing curriculum development. Discussion The nursing scale of practice has widened significantly due to managed care focus on advanced plus specialist nursing functions, and which are implemented through fresh models of nursing practice. Such expanded functions are being implemented in numerous care backgrounds from community health services to primary health care, towards acute care, and to long-term care (Wilson, Whitaker and Whitford 136). This then raises concerns regarding harmonizing the cost of healthcare and managed care in every type of nursing practice. The increasing use of managed care entities has presented numerous challenges and risks for nursing as a profession and individual nurses themselves. This is because the objectives of such a system are to manage costs and resources, instead of striving to attain the fundamental nursing philosophy of holistic needs of the clients. Managed care in its endeavour to maximize use of resources and in unison reduce costly healthcare services, does not emphasize strong professional nursing advocacy. This has created scenarios whereby nurses are constantly being faced with barriers that prevent them from reacting effectively to swiftly shifting health care scenarios (Liu and D'Aunno 596). Given that nurses are at the forefront of patient examinations, principally, the monitoring of conditions and perceiving of problems, the current managed care setting lack of focus on imparting nurse with proper skill-sets, makes the nurses to be at the peril of missing their patients’ early signs of health problems and complications. This is more rampant in settings arising from often evolving managed health-care structure. Such barriers include incapability to practice and operate to their complete extent and the lack of prospects for complete collaboration with numerous other healthcare experts. In addition, nurses have been faced with barriers such as lack of admission to an education scheme which permits seamless advancement to higher echelons, limited nursing based research, in addition to dealing with an information infrastructure which does not address the often shifting health care professionals’ requirements (Robinson 11). Therefore, the key to minimize the negative impact of managed care and increasing cost of health care on nursing services is to provide nurses new prospects to convey care while concurrently playing an integral function in leading any transformation (Hughes 101). As such, nurses need to understand how they can be part of the answer to attain enhanced patient outcomes but within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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