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Profnessional (exdended nursing roles) - Term Paper Example

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Name: University: Abstract: My dream of becoming a clinical nurse specialist is in line with the current trends in health care since most of the aging population currently suffers from lifestyle and diet related diseases. I am committed to helping minority Hispanic women suffering from breast cancer access early screening and treatment…
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Profnessional paper (exdended nursing roles)
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Download file to see previous pages The curative health care costs are currently increasing thus the need of preventive health care and health care insurance for the minority groups (Chernecky & Murphy-Ende, 2009). Approximately, health care costs account for about 14 percent of US Gross domestic product through federal and state spending on Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid and other health care programs. The rise of new medial technologies like imaging tests and new diseases will require nurses to have advanced degrees in the future. The aging citizens consist of 15 % of total US population and the figure is projected to reach 21 percent in the next two decades. Another changing trend in healthcare is the increase in the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that will require all nurses to learn how to use the systems and also offer telemedicine services since many patients carry out self-assessments daily (Chernecky & Murphy-Ende, 2009). The current trends in health care require a visionary role in order to match the future health care needs. My visionary role will require me to empower the relationships with patients and take an innovative approach in delivering health services to the population. I have a deep sense that in the future patients will need enhanced confidentiality and privacy protection of their health care information due to emergency of new disease trends (Chernecky & Murphy-Ende, 2009). I aspire to work with physicians and hospital administrators in delivering the health care services to Hispanic women suffering from breast cancer. I will work with physicians and hospital administrators, clinical counselors, surgeons, dieticians, chemotherapists, oncologists, and radiologists in delivering the healthcare. Other professionals will include medical geneticist who will predict the chances of a patient suffering from breast cancer and breast surgeons who will remove cancer tumors (Chernecky & Murphy-Ende, 2009). My new role will enable me create awareness on the need of taking early tests and preventing the chances of suffering from breast cancer in Hispanic women. Hispanic women are vulnerable to breast cancer due to lack of awareness and their lifestyles. I will coordinate the breast cancer awareness efforts and offer by advocating for the patients’ interests and ensuring that all patients receive holistic care while in the hospital. I will provide feedback and train colleagues in delivering the heath care. I will ensure all Hispanic women suffering from cancer in the hospital receive enough fluids, and take the vital signs and symptoms of the patients. I will display sound judgment and ethical considerations in ensuring all patients follow their medical schedules (Chernecky & Murphy-Ende, 2009). In order to effectively deliver healthcare services to the vulnerable population, I need advanced nursing education and work experience for the clinical preparation. I need a graduate degree in nursing in order to provide direct care to patients in a hospital environment. Some of the issues I need to be aware of include CNS practicum, diagnostic reasoning, evidence-based practice, health care ethical policies, and patient stabilization and breast cancer assessments. I will complete the Master of Nursing degree program in clinical nursing specialty within four years and obtain the minimum working hours requirement before receiving the certification. I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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