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Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation - Research Paper Example

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Application of Technology in Nursing and Patient Education Name of Institution Date Introduction Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women and the second highest cause of deaths among women (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011)…
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Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation
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Extract of sample "Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation"

Download file to see previous pages Internet has been identified as an important resource in the breast cancer education program (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Ryhanen et al. (2010) carried a literature review to analyze the use of technology particularly; internet or interactive computer-based in patient education for breast cancer patients. This is because education programs for breast cancer patient are critical in intervention by empowering the patients. Although application of technology in education is considered as a popular alternative compared to the traditional methods, more research needs to be carried out to assess its effectiveness (Ryhanen et al., 2010). This paper will describe use of internet in breast cancer education program and explore situations when its use proves to be advantageous and disadvantageous. It will also explore the professional standards that must be adhered whenever using internet technology. Use of Computer-Based Education It is theorized that people remember 10 percent of what they see, 20 percent of what they hear and 50 percent of what they see and hear. However, people have an ability of retaining 80 percent of what they hear, see and do (Heiskell, 2010). Consequently, computer-based patient education program is considered as an approach which may help enhance health care. Despite its role in empowering the patients with the required information to take care of their health, patient education programs are usually time-consuming with physicians taking more than 25 percent of their time in giving patient instructions and counseling (Heiskell, 2010). Computer-based patient education programs are recommended given that they are patient focused, inexpensive, fast and effective (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Internet is one method used in breast cancer computer-based patient education given that it is considered as largest medical library and having over 1.5 billion users worldwide (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Internet is considered as an appropriate method of disseminating health information as it provides patients with immediacy, privacy, and a wide variety of information (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). One of the most common diseases searched by patient and their families from the internet is cancer. According to Heiskell (2010), access of wide variety of information on breast cancer from the internet helps breast cancer patients to interact effectively and productively with their patients. Internet can help enhance the patient’s awareness on various conditions of the disease, understand how to diagnosis breast cancer and get information on its treatment. Moreover, internet helps patients to learn on living with cancer and allow patients to form social connections with others living with cancer. Internet use in disseminating information about breast cancer would only be advantageous in educating literate women and particularly those having access to internet. However, the procedure would not be effective in educating illiterate women and those who do not have access to internet. According to Heiskell (2010), computer-based patient education supports the principle of just-in-time where learning happens only when a patient is willing to learn. He describes video-on-demand (VOD) as a computer-based patient education which incorporates computerized access system with the patients’ in-room television. The patient gives requests to the computer through the telephone for particular educational video to be displayed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation Research Paper)
Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation Research Paper.
“Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation Research Paper”, n.d.
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