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Education Issues and Special Education Needs - Essay Example

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This paper says that there are children in the society that require more help than other children in order to benefit from the education system. Special education needs involves those special educational programs aimed at ensuing that children with a disability are assisted in funding their education. …
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Education Issues and Special Education Needs
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Download file to see previous pages This paper analyzes the major challenge with this funding system which is in the ability of schools to determine the students who require funding based on the assessment of their level of disability. The school may not be able to have competent staff to determine whether the student has a problematic behaviour. This can lead to the exclusion of needy students into the system.
In all the funding systems discussed above, the provision of resources necessary for the maintenance of students without statements concerning special education needs should be delegated to schools. However, there are variations in the factors that applied in determining the amount of resources the school should receive. Students with statements concerning special education needs need to be funded on an individual basis to ensure that they fully benefit from education. Full support of children with disability ensures that they are not disadvantaged when in comes to the allocation of resources and in competing with other students to meet the requirements of standard education.
This essay makes a conclusion that local authorities should allocate funds to the schools based on the numbers of students entitled to free school meals in the cases whereby they do not have documented statements concerning special education needs. However, they should avail adequate funds to cater for the children with statements concerning special education needs. The funding should be based not on the availability of funds but on the needs of the students with disability. Limiting funds for the sustenance of these children leads to suffering in their attempt to achieve quality education as other members of the society. Students with disability should also be entitled to education grants from the government to fund their education as other members of the public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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