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Plan For a Student and an IEP - Term Paper Example

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Plan for a Student and an IEP Name: Institution: Introduction An Individualized Education Program (IEP) refers to and educational plan that has been put together to meet a child's unique educational requirements. Each child who gets significant schooling and related services ought to have an Individualized Education Program (Basset, 2011)…
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Plan For a Student and an IEP
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Download file to see previous pages Also, included in this plan are the school administrators, students with the appropriate ages, and related services personnel. The Individualized Education Program acts as the foundation of a quality education ground for each child with any form of disability. This paper will come up with a plan that will look to include a child with disabilities in a general class. It will cover some of the characteristics of the disabled child, a list of personnel assigned to the child, and strategies or modifications needed for the child with disabilities to succeed. Finally, it will come up with an Individualized Education Program for this child. A plan for including a child with disabilities in a general class of learners This section will outline a plan that will seek to include a student with disabilities in a general class of students who do not have disabilities. Characteristics There are ten categories of disabilities that might face students. These categories follow as: autism, development delayed, intellectual, sensory, emotional, neurological, communication, specifically learning disability, physical and other health issues (Bateman, 2006). The student in this research is one who suffers physical disabilities issues. A physically disabled person refers to one whose disabilities are as a result of an improper function of any physical part of their body. This could be the legs, eyes, ears, hands among others. A better word of these individuals would be the term disabled. Some of the characteristics of a physically disabled person are as follows: they lack the ability to walk, blindness or their hands might be deformed (Bateman, 2006). This is because some vital part of their physical body parts might not be functioning properly. Personnel assigned to child Major personnel that should be related to these students for them to perform effectively are the school administration, teachers, other students, parents, and guardians. The child also needs to have a committee staff representative. Third party personnel include medical practitioners or health care givers whose duties include dealing with the medical, psychological, or health conditions facing the disabled students (Bateman, 2006). After the Individual Education Plan is created and placement is determined, now comes the implementing part. The child's teachers are accountable for implementing all program modifications, educational services or supports as stated by the Individual Education Plans. Schools should have an Individual Education Plan in place at the start of a school year. Initial Individual Education Plans must be created within a month of the resolve of eligibility. The services stated in the pupil’s Individual Education Plan must be provided as soon as possible. This plan follows as: Yearly review The Individual Education Plan team is responsible for carrying out an annual review of the document. This is important in making sure that the student is meeting educational aims or making progress on the standards specified for every objective (Wright, 2010). Acceptance and amendments A formal Individual Education Plan must be signed by a guardian or parent before any of the stated services may start to function. Nevertheless, guardians or parents do not have to sign any document when it is at first planned (Wright, 2010). Technical safeguards School personnel have a duty to issue the parents of this child with a technical safeguard notice, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plan For a Student and an IEP Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Plan For a Student and an IEP Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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