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Inclusive Education and SEN - Essay Example

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Historically, social exclusion has been one of the most widely experienced phenomenons, by people with disabilities. However, recently there have been widespread changes in terms of policy initiatives which have strived for inclusive strategies, and inclusive education being one of them…
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Inclusive Education and SEN
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Extract of sample "Inclusive Education and SEN"

Download file to see previous pages In this essay, l will demonstrate an understanding, of implications of including, children with additional needs in the mainstream school setting. I will consider the different models of disability. I will also demonstrate my ability to collect evidence about a child’s needs from a variety of sources and use the evidence to inform practice. Show my understanding of individual educational Plan (I.E.P), and how it can be developed to support inclusion. I will then evaluate the use of appropriate resources and strategies to support the child.

Implications of including children with additional needs in a mainstream setting:
The concept of inclusive education is as a result of parents and disabled people putting pressure on successive governments to change the education system, so as to allow all children to have a fair and equal access to education (Tassoni 2003, p.11). Including children with, special needs within the mainstream school has got its own implications. One of these implications will be ensuring, whether the layout and resources are appropriate, and inclusive. The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning (Early year’s foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S, 2008). For example, having a child, who uses a wheelchair, will not be able to move in and out of the building independently without ramps. Although the issue of inclusive education is a highly debated issue, it has garnered unanimous support internationally, which is apparent from the fact that governments worldwide, have introduced policy initiatives whereby the cause of including students with special needs in regular schools has been supported, and treated as a human rights issue (OECD Publishing, 19992). This entails that schools today, are required to have trained staff who is specialized in supporting students with SEN (Special Education Needs) for instance, those diagnosed with autism. This is because, the educational needs of an autistic child is starkly different than those of a regular child, and hence special courses are required to be designed, developed and implemented to meet the special needs of such children. The SEN code of practice makes it the responsibilities of schools and early years setting to be able to identify children’s difficulties in terms of ‘graduate approach’, to the identification, assessment and recording of any difficulties these children may face (Linda, Carrie and Jane, 2005.p.132). The teachers, needs to adapt a positive attitude towards children with special needs, and ensure that there is no barrier of access. They need to ensure that, they are taking into account, views of the child, parents, colleagues and other professionals into consideration to meet the child’s needs, and adapt change to the environment accordingly. The attitudes of all adults who work in the schools, need to be such that, they are working to encourage the participation of all children in both academic and social life of the school (Halliwell 2003, p.20). Within my setting layout of equipment, is at every child’s level, this means, they can choose toys independently to play with, without any hindrance. And will playa vital role towards achieving independence. The school will need to make sure that; there are appropriate policies and procedures in place in conjunction with the ‘code of practice’. These policies will be ensuring that, children with special needs are given, full access to education, as any ordinary child. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inclusive Education and SEN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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