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This paper talks that the world has changed at a real faster pace over the last one century. Evolutions of technology and scientific advancements have impacted each domain of human life. Education is one of those domains where technological advancements have played an important part…
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Technology in Education
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"Technology in Education"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that one of the basic requirements to acquire education was that the teacher and the student had to meet physically and in a time bound frame where the student had the limited opportunity to go about a topic and learn as much as he or she may in a specific time domain.
As the paper declare that resource availability to the teachers was limited where they may ensure their continuous learning process in order to transfer the updated and up-to-mark knowledge to the students. This barrier differed from area to area, resources to resources and interest to interest whereby one may want to acquire specific knowledge but couldn’t get approach to the required resources. Major way-outs to this in old times were library, books and scholars where a person may approach and quench his or her thirst for specific information or knowledge. With the advent of computers followed by internet mania, the whole scenario has changed so rapidly, that there is hardly any effort needed in general to approach the knowledge ,open to the rest of the world if interest is prevailing. Few decades before, one had to go through the piles of pages and put up a great deal of effort in order to find the piece of specific information he or she wants to know, however it is totally in the reach of the common person due to technological advancements. Search engines, growing libraries on the internet and virtually accessible databases have now turned down the biggest hurdle in acquiring knowledge that is the accessibility issue. As the time has passed over past few decades, the importance of technological advancement has remarkable increased as well. This has caused new ways of learning in education process. After the times of educating by the physical academic material, electronic era began. Personal computers ruled over the market for quite some time and then laptops became famous due to numerous reasons. One of the most common reasons is the mobility. Laptops motivate students and help to simplify for the students any complicated information, especially, in the subjects like science and math. Students can study conveniently by accessing class education at home due to mobility feature. However, this technology is cost effective and sometimes it is hard to capture the attention of all students and also to make sure that all of them are using their laptops to achieve what they are told in class. Not only academic and basic education, but also professional education has been excessively impacted in positive terms by the technological advancements over the past few decades. Different fields including medical, engineering, economics, technology and business studies have prospered because up-to-date information about each subject and domain can be easily accessed via laptops through internet. Wi-Fi technology has attracted not only students, but also teachers to work with complete attention on their laptops as wires irritate the users and users like students and professionals like teachers need panic-free environment to concentrate as they are in to academic world. However, there are also many disadvantages of using laptops in classrooms. Certainly, if a student has internet and laptop with him in teen-age, he / she might tend to open social networking sites, chatting applications where anyone can message them upon finding them online. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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