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Ethical Reasoning: Technology in Education - Essay Example

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The paper tells that in the process of writing the Ethical Reasoning: Technology in Education essay, there were various aspects and factors that the author had to consider doing that he develops a good essay that would adequately address the topic and the same time be informative to the target audience…
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Ethical Reasoning: Technology in Education
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Extract of sample "Ethical Reasoning: Technology in Education"

Download file to see previous pages When coming up with the essay, I had to begin by understanding the role of technology in education and any advancements that have been associated with this dynamic. This revealed that the technological changes are taking place at a faster rate compared to the previous years and its integration into the education system is something that cannot be delayed or postponed. This because integrating technology into the educational system has a number of advantages including providing access to more information sources, makes it relatively easier to supervise learning processes and results in reduced costs when compared against traditional forms of education.
The main aim of writing the essay was to explain the manner in which technology should be integrated into education and the advantages that this can provide for educational processes. The essay mainly dwelled on the advantages and benefits that are associated with integrating technology into educational processes. Some of the advantages that were identified in the essay included the fact that it can lead to a reduction in costs, it can result in changes and new patterns for library services and the fact that it can result in a change in vision and awareness of users of the system among other benefits. Additionally, the essay also mentioned some of the ways through which technology can be integrated into the educational system and the ramifications for students after when they enter the job market after going through the education system. On the other hand, there are also some views of people who do not consider technology to be beneficial to education that is also included in this essay. Even though there are clear advantages to integrating technology in educational practices, the views developed by the critics are also compelling since they explain explicitly the manner in which they fail to be beneficial.
The Ethical Reasoning: Technology in Education was intended for a complex audience that included college students as well as college professors as it dwelled with the ethical quandary of technology in regards to education and future career preparation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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