Teaching Moral Values - Research Paper Example

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 This essay describes that moral values are essential attributes that people ought to display at home, in schools, and in the public. Teachers play a significant role in imparting moral values to children because the teachers spend most of the time with children.  …
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Teaching Moral Values
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Download file to see previous pages  According to Chapman, McNamara, Reiss, and Waghid, the moral propriety of learners who are in schools depend on the involvement of parents, teachers, and school managers. Schools that lack such involvement usually exhibit a high sense of moral decadence. It means that learners acquire moral values through what they hear and see rather than what they perceive. Although the authors blame secularism and moral relativism for the moral decay of the society, they propose the amalgamation of spiritual, moral, and personal values in education so that learners can acquire a wholesome moral education.
Parents have an enormous responsibility in teaching their children moral values that will help such children develop into responsible citizens in future. More often than not children who are neglected in their childhood tend to have moral decay in the sense that such children lack a sense of direction. While both teachers and parents share the responsibility of moral education to the children, the task is too enormous to be left in the hands of the teachers. However, introducing moral education in schools has merits and demerits because moral responsibility ought to be an induced behavior rather than a forced character. Japan is one of the countries that have laid out elaborate education plans that will see the education sector introduce moral education into the school curriculum. Moral education will be most effective when the educators pair it with conventional subjects like science and mathematics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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