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This essay talks about today’s concept of Family Values. The essays talks that many of modern youth do not learn, nor understand the concept of moral values. It is evident, that the youth has been given more freedom than they can handle…
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Family Values
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Family Values A candid examination of today’s youth today leaves one in no doubt of the fact that many of them do not learn, nor understand the concept of moral values. Various actions and extremes they are wont to be involved in such as pre-marital sex, drug experimentation, and risky behavior such as over speeding and general lack of decorum and politeness towards their peers and even adults are evidence of this. When one considerers this issue through retrospective eyes, they will run the risk of judging the modern children with the older standards where youths were expected to; stand when being addressed, obey without question anything from their parents or teachers and such like behavior. However, this would be misled since times have changed drastically since those days. It is evident, that the youth has been given more freedom than they can handle, and in a world with an infinite number of opportunities both for right and in wrong with the distinctions between the two not always being clear. Accordingly, sometimes even the youths themselves cannot tell apart what is right and wrong and just follow their instincts and peers or whatever they see on TV and the internet (Trissler, 2012). While both school and parents attempt to instill values on children today, there is no clear definition of roles, and none of the two parties is fully charged with the responsibility. As a result, parents rarely contribute to inculcating the much-needed values in their children assuming the school should do most of the work. On the other hand, the school assumes the same about the parents, thus, children are left alone to do whatever they please as long as they are within the limits of the school rules. This controversy begs the question “Must a set of values be prescribed by the state or federal government and taught in schools or must the teaching of values be the responsibility of the families?” The state has considerable machinery and is quite capable of having schools teach values wherein if it were to take over this role, the value systems would be inculcated in the curriculum. Students would have to interact with them in the same way they interact with their day-to-day learning. Currently, the values taught often depend on the teachers personality with some who consider them beneficial focusing on them while a large number simply teach the curriculum and leave the learners to their own devices in other issues. However, if the state or federal government was to mandate them, they would all be forced to teach these values which would result in learners having more exposure and getting a chance to tell apart right from wrong with guidance from professionals. On the other hand, the state represents several freedoms and rights of the American people, and some of the things considered values are illegal. Such include, pre-marital sex, and some habits like smoking unless one is underage. However, due to the diversity in the majority of American schools, the children’s different backgrounds may make it hard to determine what is considered moral or immoral. Some parents argue there is nothing wrong with children having sex as long as it is with each other, and they use protection. If the state were to take a stand based on the law, the children would be taught to avoid this. The situation would be hence imbalanced depending on one’s personal background some obeying teachers others their instincts and others their parents. For example, a 17 old boy is currently in the middle of a scandal involving him, and Kerry Gauthier a house representative, where it is claimed they had “consensual sex” in a public place. This shows that no matter who is teaching the values, the children can still do whatever they want and there will always be adults wiling to exploit their innocence and hide between the “they are mature” tag (Public Advocate, 2000). Furthermore, if the role was left to parents, the upside is they would be able to instill the values into their kids better than the school since they have a better understanding and hold over them. Besides, they spend most nights under their parents’ roofs and often depend on them for money and leave to go out. The assumptions herein are not universal since some parents, due to their heavy work schedules barely have enough time to talk to their children (Parent News, n.d.). However, this does not put to considerations the many parents who barely have an understanding of what values are and lead lifestyles that children should not emulate. Such include parents who engage in overindulging, in alcohol drugs and even having multiple sex partners in the house. While majorities of the parents are not like this, there are children who have nothing to learn from their parents in moral virtues. Therefore, others just practice, a hands off approach, letting the children do what they please and hoping thing will turn out right (Trissler, 2012). Whichever side one considers, there is the question of who will enforce these values? While teachers may teach children about this and possibly give them an understanding, it will be under the assumption that kids do not know what is expected of them and hence require to be told so they conform, however, many already know which values they should have but simply decide to ignore them. Besides as aforementioned, the parents and teachers should be role models (Parent News, n.d.). However, a pertinent consideration for youth’s behavior is that it reflects that of the adults more so parents (Velu, 2012). The adults they interact with apart through television and other mass media are their parents and teachers, psychologist for instance claim that most children who grow up to be spouse batterers are influenced by how their parents treated them. For instance, a teacher or parent who is known to smoke will have a hard time convincing a 17 year old that drinking is bad (Trissler, 2012). Furthermore, the kid sees it as hypocritical and spited them for it making job of enforcing the said values considerably difficult. References Velu, Shamala. ( 2012). Teaching children family values. Paren Thots. Retrieved from Parent News. (n.d). Morals & Values. Retrieved From Public Advocate of the United States. (2012). Latest Moral Outrage Ignored by News Media: Elected Official practices public sodomy at a public place with young boy. Retrieved from Ted, Trissler. (2000). Should Values be Taught in Public Schools? Retrieved From Read More
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