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The paper purpose is to highlight the importance of human values and human dignity. For the purpose, the personal reflections on the different aspects of human life have been provided in which duties and responsibilities to oneself, to others, family and community have been provided. And in each segment, the related topic is appropriately described…
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Ethics statement
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Ethics: Reflective Personal ment Introduction The paper purpose is to highlight the importance of human values and human dignity. For the purpose, the personal reflections on the different aspects of human life have been provided in which duties and responsibilities to oneself, to others, family and community have been provided. And in each segment, the related topic is appropriately described.
Catholic Social Teachings
Human life is sacred. This is the one of the natural and best beliefs in the Catholic Social Teachings. Similarly, the religion of Islam also gives same level of importance to human life. In the Holy Quran, it is said that killing of one person is equal to killing of entire humanity. If values of both religions are compared, it can be deduced that human life is sacred in both religions.
Duties and Responsibilities to Oneself
The best way to care oneself is to follow the divine personal rules. For example, for me, adopting the natural life style would be the best way to serve oneself. In which, waking up in the early morning would be the best service to oneself. In this way, the personal life would be healthy and it would put positive effect on one’s health which is fundamental to successful personal life. This success will also enable the person to perform other duties.
Duties and Responsibilities to Others
Care and respect are two fundamental values that must be demonstrated from the character and behaviour of the person. Through these behaviours, tranquillity and mutual respect will spread among people which will increase the social cohesion in the society. For example, showing respects for elderly is the most important virtue in which a system of social cohesion is promoted. Additionally, if one witnesses an accident in which a person is critically injured, it is his moral responsibility to call the relevant authority and look after the injured until the police or any other rescue team is not arrived.
Duties and Responsibilities to Family
“Family values are important for us” (Parma, 2009. p. 29).Family norms should always be followed. For example, showing respect to mother and father and caring them in their old age are some of those family duties and responsibilities that must not be compromised under any condition. Additionally, teaching and showing great importance to the moral and ethical values within the family must also be promoted in which children should be given the knowledge about the family and social values which bind the entire family together. Besides, examples of unethical behaviours and their negative effect on the society must also be shared with the children so that they should be in a position to distinguish between moral, amoral and immoral personal and social acts.
Duties and Responsibilities to Community
All humans are important because they have been created by God. In other words, all humans have the same source from which they find their attachment and that is only God. As a result, discrimination based on the ethnic background, language, colour, caste or origin, will be discouraged and more emphasis will be and should be given to those moral values which are fundamental to the human dignity. For example, honesty, fairness, equality and diversity should always be promoted and supported at the personal, social and institution level because it is in the human nature that these moral values are highly venerated and respected across the globe.
Parma, G. (2009). Spirited: Taking Paganism Beyond the Circle. Minnesota, MN: Llewellyn Publishing. Read More
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