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ISTE is focused towards making educational leaders aware of emerging national and global educational issues and aims to improve the quality of educational system all over…
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International Society For Technology in Education (ISTE)
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"International Society For Technology in Education (ISTE)"

Download file to see previous pages NETS promote online educational system and use of technology in learning, teaching, and coaching areas to meet the pace of the digital age. According to Reynolds (2012), a number of educational institutes all over the word are using online educational systems to improve learning experience of the students. NETS also offer guidelines for students, teachers, coaches, computer science educators, and administrators to make them skilled in the use of technology.
NETS for teachers are the set of standards that are used to assess teachers’ skills and knowledge regarding teaching and learning in today’s global environment (International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE], 2012). ISTE fosters the use of latest technologies to enhance teaching and learning practices. NETS.T encompasses five key factors which include digital age learning, professional growth, digital age work, student learning, and digital citizenship (ISTE, 2012).
NETS for students are the set of standards that are used to assess students’ skills and knowledge regarding learning in today’s digital world (ISTE, 2012). NETS promote the use of technology in online environments for research processes, as well as for communicating with teachers and other students. NETS.S encompasses six key factors which include communication, creativity, research, critical thinking, technology operations, and digital citizenship (ISTE, 2012).
Administrators can improve their performance by using digital resources and modern technology in administrative operation. Such integration of digital resources in administrative practices can improve overall teaching and learning experiences for both teachers and students. NETS.A encompasses five key factors which include visionary leadership, systemic improvement, digital age learning, digital citizenship, and professional practice (ISTE, 2012).
NETS for coaches are the standards that are used to assess how well coaches are doing their job of providing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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