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Society, Science and Technology course (STS101) - Research Paper Example

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With the advent of media, the world has become a smaller place to live in. Due to media, not only the developed nations but also developing nations like Saudi Arabia has risen…
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Society, Science and Technology course (STS101)
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Extract of sample "Society, Science and Technology course (STS101)"

Download file to see previous pages The internet has changed the way of life of Saudi nationals with the launching of social networking sites like face book, twitter, and blogs
Today media is all around, but the profound impact which the computer and internet have on Saudi population is astounding. Information technology can be seen as corner stone of current world and it has revolutionized the communicating method of Saudi nationals. Technology has reached new heights and Saudi population’s indulgence with it has given ways to explore themselves and others. In her book (Turkle 1) writes that “Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. As it turns out we are very vulnerable indeed”. The internet has made Saudi communities to be more interactive socially culturally and economically. Today internet makes it presence in homes, workplace, and schools which enhances its usability and potentiality as a social media platform.
The social networking medium of internet like face book, twitter, and blogs has not only influenced adults but also enormously changed the way of life of youngsters. Face book, being the most popular networking site has given the population of Saudi a golden opportunity to interact with the outside world without encountering any taboos. As per (Social bakers) “ Our social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in Saudi Arabia is 22.95% compared to the countrys population and 52.48% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Saudi Arabia is reaching 5906220 and grew by more than 399720 in the last 6 months”. The people of Saudi have achieved a global platform to discuss their ideas and thoughts regionally and internationally. Twitter is one social networking site which has managed to hugely awaken the spirits of Saudi Arabians. In the same manner, blogs and other opportunity to present article have made the Saudi nationals more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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