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It is evident that the incorporation of science and technology equipment has served to improve the human society by establishing competent remedies that overcome challenging natural disasters. For instance, the Canadian storm chaser facility’s use in the North American region…
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Download file to see previous pages The scientists argue that the adoption and use of the developed equipment might lead to the eruption of other challenges as some groups of people might go against the processes.
A visit to the museum and the observation of the various archived equipment therein acquaints visitors with information about the shortcomings that would befall the human society if such things were non-existing. The observations drawn from the research undertaken at the museum’s images implies the possibility of developing alternative services that would enhance the social standards of living. For example, studies depict that the use of wind turbines can serve towards the production of renewable energy whose demand and use would lead to the implementation of environmentally friendly energy production practices. In that context, the science and technology approach chosen after viewing the discoveries presented in the museum acquaints the research process with chances of success since an alternative evaluation acknowledges the incorporation of the Tornado Chaser to the power turbines as capable of producing energy. The scholars concerned with developing the equipment acknowledge that the development of over 100,000 structures in the vulnerable locations can lead to the implementation of a long lasting solution to the threats borne from the tornados.
According to the class discussions, science and technology aspects influence the society from various dimensions with the majority factors being positive towards the achievement of better living standards. The argument that science and technology approaches are alarming to sustainability rest inconsistent since different countries across the globe perceive different scientifically developed approaches as remedies to the challenges. For instance, China uses rockets that are capable of dispersing dangerous clouds from causing harm to the human population. Another aspect of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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