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Approaches Towards Learning - Essay Example

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The discussion "Approaches Towards Learning" analyzes constructivism, problem based learning, webquests and skype. As the report stresses, the teacher does not have to display a one man show but serves as a guide to keep the students thinking on the right track…
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Approaches Towards Learning
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"Approaches Towards Learning"

Download file to see previous pages This paper declares that constructivism promotes learning through reflection upon experiences. Every person has his own way of visualizing things. The understanding of world varies from individual to individual depending upon the way he/she reflects upon his/her experiences. In education, constructivism increases the students’ capacity and tendency to learn by making them adjust their minds according to the pedagogical style of the teacher. However, constant adjustment may deprive the students of their originality. Constructivism is an experience-based approach towards learning. In classroom, students share their experiences with one another to broaden one another’s knowledge. Sometimes constructivism leads to too much storytelling that deviates from the original topic.
This essay concerns problem-based learning, which is a student-driven pedagogical style whereby students understand a concept through study of complex realistic problems related to it. In problem-based learning, students work in groups to identify the extent to which they are already familiar with the subject, areas that need pondering, and resources that may be consulted to resolve the problem at hand. In education, students understand the subject more thoroughly than they do in conventional learning methods, but too much analysis of one problem leaves too many other problems unstudied because of time constraints. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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